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Golf Society (Staff & Postgraduate)

The aim of our Golfing Society is to facilitate the enjoyment of mildly competitive golf on a number of different local courses in good company. The society runs outings throughout the year to a variety of local golf clubs with the highlight being the annual Seniors v Young Gunns Trophy.

Any lady or gentleman who works at, or has retired from, the University of Warwick (including research assistant) is eligible to become a member, and PhD students are most welcome to play in any of our meetings on a guest basis. For further information on the society, please contact Mike Smith by email on mgsmi at sky dot com. or visit the Facebook pagegolf-society-logo.png

New members are expected to:

  • Have their own set of clubs
  • Have suitable golf attire (no jeans)
  • Have golf shoes
  • Have a basic understanding of rules/etiquette
  • Be able to fill in a stableford scorecard
  • Have played before on a full course
  • Have an idea of their handicap (if not a club player)

Register Your Interest

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mikesmith.png terrymonington.png frankieheydari.png johnstranks.png Bal Dhesi Open Champion 2014 joebarr.png
Mike Smith

Terry Monnington

Frankie Heydari

John Stranks Bal Dhesi Joe Barr
Secretary President /

Seniors Captain

Committee Member /

Young Gunns

Committee Member Committee Member

Website /

Awards Officer

mgsmi at sky dot com dotterrym17 at hotmail dot co dot uk frankie at heydari dot co dot uk J dot T dot Stranks at warwick dot ac dot uk
(024 76) 522 615

J dot N dot Barr at warwick dot ac dot uk

(024 76) 575 115

Events to look out for..

Majors: Warwick Masters, Warwick Championship, Warwick Open, Warwick Classic
Special Events: Young Gunns v Seniors, M.G Smith Trophy

Future Outings
Wed 28 Mar '18
Wed 16 May '18
Wed 08 Aug '18
12:30pm: Warwick Open
Wed 12 Sep '18
12:30pm: Warwick Classic
Wed 12 Dec '18

The Warwick Golf Society is proudly Sponsored by Warwick Print Warwick Print


Tournament Year Venue Champion(s) Pts Runner Up Pts 3rd Place Pts Nearest the Pin Longest Drive
Classic 17 Hearsall GC Graeme Leng Ward 36 Frankie Heydari 35 Jon Stranks 35 Bob Gamble
Graham Wales
Craig Colledge
Frankie Heydari
Craig Colledge
Open 17 Coventry GC Telis Smith 36 Craig Colledge 32 Bob Gamble 28 Bob Gamble Joe Barr
Championship 17 Stonebridge James Hunt 37 Joe Barr 35 Bal Dhesi 34 Frankie Heydari Telis Smith
Masters 17 Kilworth Springs Terry Monnington 41 Gary Dawson 40 Frankie Heydari 40 John Stranks Frankie Heydari
M.Smith Trophy 16 Warwickshire Craig Colledge
Geoff Sault
Tom Standeven
Mike Smith
60.4 John Stranks
Joe Barr
Gary Dawson
Jim Rushton
61.3 Bal Dhesi
Graham Leng Ward
Hugh Wooodland
Stephen Grant
63 N/A N/A
Classic 16 Coventry GC Danny Mount 39 Telis Smith 38 Graham Leng-Ward 36 Mark Evans Graham Leng-Ward
Open 16 Kenilworth Bal Dhesi 37 Frankie Heydari 36 Andrew Holbrook 31 Bal Dhesi Telis Smith
Championship 16 Stonebridge Mark Evans 39 John Stranks 39 Chris Doughty 37 Hugh Woodland Chris Doughty
Masters 16 Kilworth Springs Danny Mount 39 Terry Monnington 38 Phil Jones 37 Terry Monnington Telis Smith
Masters 15 Kilworth Springs Ben Wood 40 Chris Doughty 39 Terry Monnington 36 Bob Gamble Bob Gamble
WSGA 15 Brandon Wood Ade Grant 41 James Hunt 40 Phil Jones 40 Bal Dhesi Berwick Heavey
Open 15 Stonebridge Berwick Heavey 39 Terry Monnington 39 Frankie Heydari 37 Mike Smith Frankie Heydari
Classic 15 Ignon Manor Joe Barr 37 Frankie Heydari 34 Mike Smith 34 Mike Smith Frankie Heydari
M.Smith Trophy 15 Warwickshire Andrew Holbrook
Phil Jones
James Hunt
Stephen Grant
62.2 John Stranks
Bal Dhesi
Graham Wales
Graham crump.
63.4 Craig Colledge
Mike Smith
Chris Doughty
Mark Evans
65.4 Frankie Heydari Andrew Holbrook
Masters 14 Kilworth Springs Chris Doughty 41 Mike Smith 39 Bal Dhesi 36 Dave Britnall Stuart Smyth
WSGA 14 Stonebridge Geoff Sault 41 John Stranks 39 Hugh Woodland 38 Craig Colledge Joe Barr
Open 14 Coventry Golf Club Bal Dhesi 36 Mike Smith 35 Andrew Holbrook 35 Bal Dhesi Dave Britnall
Classic 14 Warwickshire Phil Jones 38 Joe Barr 36 John Stranks 32 Royce Farr Frankie Heydari
Seniors v Young Gunns 14 Warwickshire Seniors 3 Young Gunns 2        
Masters 13 Kilworth Springs Nigel Sykes 40 Mike Smith 36 Craig Colledge 34 N/A Nigel Sykes
WSGA 13 Stonebridge Graham Crump 43 Hugh Woodland 41 Berwick Heavey 39 Jim Rushton John Stranks
Open 13 Stratford Oaks Geoff Sault 41 Paul Savva Andreou 38 Steve Weatherall 35 Tom Standeven N/A
Classic 13 Warwickshire Terry Monnington 41 Graham Leung-Ward 41 Andrew Holbrook 40 Terry Monnington Graham Leung-Ward
Masters 12 Kilworth Springs George Albrighton 39 Phil Jones 36 Nigel Sykes 36 Mike Smith Phil Jones
WSGA 12 Warwickshire John Stranks 32 Hugh Woodland 32 Telis Smith 32 Graham Crump John Stranks
Open 12 Kenilworth Joe Barr 38 Phil Jones 34 Mike Smith 33 Mick Parkes John Stranks
Classic 12 Rye Hill Terry Monnington 36 Frankie Heydari 35 Andrew Holbrook 33 Nigel Sykes John Stranks
Masters 11 Kilworth Springs Bal Dhesi 48 Jim Rushton 39 Craig Colledge 39 Phil Jones Telis Smith
WSGA 11 Warwickshire John Stranks 42 Mike Smith 38 Dave Britnall 38 Craig Colledge John Stranks
Open 11 Stratford Oaks Bal Dhesi 42 Phil Jones 41 Adrian Grant 40 Frankie Heydari Greg Howells
Classic 11 Rye Hill Nigel Sykes 37 Craig Colledge 32 Dave Britnall 31 Joe Barr Dave Britnall
Open 10 Kenilworth Keith Hoskin 39 Phil Jones 38 Bal Dhesi 36 Unknown Unknown

Golfer of the Year

2017 - Telis Smith - 104 points
2016 - Telis Smith - 106 points Telis Smith Player of the Year 2016
2015 - Frankie Heydari 110 points
2014 - Joe Barr 106 points
2013 - Geoff Sault - 111 points
2012 - Joe Barr - 101 points