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Industry and Stakeholder Forum

Industry and Stakeholder Forum

Polymer Club
Tuesday 22nd November 2022, Scarman, University of Warwick
Free to attend
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Analytical Sciences
Wednesday 23rd November 2022, The Slate, University of Warwick
Free to attend
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The Polymer Club Program 22nd November 2022

13:30 Registration and Coffee

14:00 Introduction and Welcome to the Polymer Club: Dr. Dan Lester

14:10-14:25 Bowen Tan – Pujing Chemical Industry

14:25-14.40 Prof. David Haddleton – University of Warwick

14.40-14:55 - Peter Clarke – CPG

14.55-15:10 – Sofia Salem - Shimadzu

15:10-15:40 Coffee and Tea Break

15.40-15:55 Alison Kelly - Bruker

15:55-16:10 Bronwyn Laycock – University of Queensland - TBC

16:10-16:25 – PhD Student – University of Warwick - TBC

16.25-16.40 – Mike Eason – James Walker Sealing Products and Services - TBC

16:40-16:55 – Dan Stewart – ViridiCO2

16:55-17:10 Wrap up – Ian Hancox.

17:10-18:15 Posters and Networking Event

18:15 Dinner

Analytical Sciences 23rd November 2022

9.30 Registration and Coffee

10.00 David Leadley - Welcome to Warwick

10:10-10.35 Astra Zeneca - Steven Coombes and Steven Brown

10.35–10.55 Innovate UK - Julian Bowrey

10:55–11:20 Syngenta- Ben Robinson with Vas Stavros

11.20-11:50 Coffee and Tea Break

11:50–12:00 Nikola Chmel Apprenticeships

12:00-12:25 Johnson Matthey - Paul Collier with Richard Walton

12:25- 12:45 RTPs and Techniques -Dan Lester

12:45-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Tours

Our research is internationally-leading and impactful.

The Industry and Stakeholder Forum aims to enhance your business position through innovation and collaboration. It will add value to your research efforts and help address real-world challenges.

We can support you by hosting events, webinars, networking activities, disseminating information, exchanging knowledge and acting as a central point of contact for collaborative efforts.

You can find out more about common areas of interest between your projects and our research through the links on these pages - including links to some of Warwick's world-class facilities.

If you'd like to find out more, or want to contact the researchers most suited to your enquiry, please email us or fill out the contact us formLink opens in a new window.