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Dr Abimbola Ayorinde on maternity care for black women following Tori Bowie death

The tragic death of Tori Bowie is another call for more to be done to tackle the high rate of maternal morbidity and mortality among Black women. As highlighted by Allyson Felix, three out of four American team-mates at the Rio 2016 Olympics either died or nearly died due to pregnancy. There are other high-profile Black women with similar stories. These are examples of how the risk goes beyond socioeconomic class. The racial inequities in maternal health is a global issue.

Fri 16 Jun 2023, 13:22 | Tags: USA, medicine, us, Warwick Medical School

Dr Trevor McCrisken explains why the 2020 Presidential Race still hasn't been called

"Usually by a couple of days into the counts you do have a clear idea of which candidate will win which states. This year it’s much more difficult to call because of the time it’s taking to get through some of these really quite substantial numbers of ballots, of postal votes especially, in some of the crucial states - so we don’t yet have either candidate at the magical 270 Electoral College votes needed for a win."

When will we know the outcome of the 2020 presidential election? Dr Trevor McCrisken explains

"The courts could again be crucial in settling the contests this year, not only in Florida but in other swing states if the voting margins are very close. With Trump and Senate Republicans having successfully tipped the balance to conservatives on the Supreme Court, newly appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett could prove a significant character in this year's election battle."

Biden vs Trump - expert comment

"For Donald Trump, this debate was probably the last chance to reenergize his campaign and try to swing the election, and in that he failed." Dr. Georg Löfflmann, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Warwick and expert on populist governments, gives his take on the second and final US Presidential debate of the 2020 election.

"I can't breathe" - expert comment on the Minneapolis protests

Protests have erupted across the USA over the death of George Floyd. Dr Lydia Plath, Associate Professor of US History, comments.

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