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"Trump has chosen an outspoken neoconservative hardliner to serve as his National Security Advisor" - expert comment

Dr. Georg Löfflmann from the Department of Politics and International Studies comments on the news that President Trump has appointed John Bolton as his National Security Adviser, replacing H.R.McMaster.

Dr Andreas Kokkinis on Northern Ireland and the Brexit withdrawal agreement

Dr Andreas Kokkinis, expert in corporate governance, corporate theory and financial regulation, discusses the Brexit withdrawal agreement and whether Northern Ireland will have to follow EU single market rules to avoid a hard border.

Wed 28 February 2018, 11:43 | Tags: Politics, Brexit, Politics and International Studies

"A retrograde step" - Dr Ruth Wareham comments on plans to lift the cap on faith school admissions

Education Secretary Damien Hinds has suggested in an interview that he will lift the cap on religiously selective admissions to faith schools. Dr Ruth Wareham highlights potential risks to social inclusion and diversity.

Bipartisan spending deal agreed to avoid US Government shutdown - expert comment

“The vote by the House and Senate to re-open the federal government and raise the federal debt ceiling are a rare example for bipartisanship in Washington... While this renews questions about the long-term fiscal sustainability of the United States, America just sent a powerful message that austerity is over.” Dr. Georg Löfflmann, Department of Politics and International Studies, comments on the bipartisan budget compromise.

‘Pro-regime’ fighters killed in air and artillery strikes on Syria by the US - expert comment

The US has carried out rare air strikes on Syrian pro-government forces after what it called an "unprovoked attack" on allied Kurdish and Arab fighters. Prof Richard Youngs, Dept of Politics & International Studies examines the situation.

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