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Brazil heads to the polls - Dr Tom Long comments

"What seems certain is the second round is likely to be highly polarized, with Sunday's winners representing markedly different visions of Brazil's future." Dr Tom Long, Department of Politics and International Studies, comments on Brazil's presidential election.

‘The real question is how it will resonate with voters’ - Professor Wyn Grant on Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech

Emeritus Professor Wyn Grant, expert in British politics, comments on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour party conference in Liverpool.

Wed 26 September 2018, 15:03 | Tags: Politics, Brexit, Britain, Politics and International Studies

Professor Wyn Grant comments on the Prime Minister's Brexit statement

"Clearly there is an element of brinkmanship but chicken games can be dangerous."

"Cash is still the most liquid form of payment" - Dr John Morris comments on NatWest's online banking problems

Technical problems have left RBS and Nat West customers locked out of their accounts today. Dr John Morris, Teaching Fellow in International Political Economy, comments on the "chink in the armour of moves towards a cashless society."

An in depth analysis of the Swedish election - expert comment from Dr Edward Page

The Swedish election was, as expected, a rollercoaster ride with the electorate waking up on Monday morning with little idea of what their government will look like when parliament re-opens on September 24.

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