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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announces decision to step down

"Suga has declared he will not run in the leadership race to focus in the next remaining weeks on tackling coronavirus but this is an attempt to save face on what has been a largely misfiring and failed premiership." Chris Hughes, Professor of International Politics and Japanese Studies, comments on the decision of Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga to resign at the end of the month.

Dr Eric Jensen comments on steps taken by Facebook to protect Afghan users

Facebook has temporarily removed the ability for people to search the friends lists of accounts based in Afghanistan, in response to concerns that the Taliban could use social media to target people with US or UK contacts. Dr Eric Jensen of the Department of Sociology comments.

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 12:38 | Tags: Facebook, Expert comment, Sociology, Faculty of Social Science

WHO calls for moratorium on boosters - expert comment

Global health ethics expert Dr Sharifah Sekalala from Warwick Law School comments on the WHO's call for a moratorium on administering booster jabs of Covid-19 vaccines as a way to help ensure that doses are available in countries where few people have received their first dose.

Agreement reached on global minimum corporate tax rate - expert comment

"this is the real historic step and an important shift away from a world in which a few rich countries (try to) take decisions on their own." Dr Lucie Gadenne of Warwick Economics and CAGE comments on the news that 130 countries have agreed that there should be a minimum global corporation tax rate.

Fri 02 Jul 2021, 10:37 | Tags: Economics, corporate, Expert comment, Faculty of Social Science, tax, CAGE

Queen's Speech - Lifetime Skills Guarantee

"It is important that people possess skills which are relevant to the labour market. Equally, it is important that people have access to training which will keep their skills up to date. The government clearly recognises these two points with its Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Lifelong Loan Entitlement announced today." Professor Terence Hogarth from the Warwick Institute for Employment Research comments on proposed adult education reforms.

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