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Author Tash Aw: Malaysia an example of multiculturalism in modern world

Internationally acclaimed Malaysian author Tash Aw has received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Warwick, his alma mater.

How will the 4th Industrial Revolution affect business?

Imagine a future where new cars are designed not by people, but by computers analysing hundreds of sensors on an old car as it drives around and then the new version is 3D printed ready to be delivered to the showroom.

Well, that future is already here according to Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice Information Systems and Management, and Felix Hovsepian, authors of The 4th Industrial Revolution a new book to guide executives, managers and decision-makers through the rapidly evolving digital world.

Wed 17 January 2018, 16:40 | Tags: Warwick Business School, Book

University of Warwick launches the freeflow Festival

To celebrate a new partnership with The Sunday Times/Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award, the University of Warwick has launched the freeflow Festival.

Radical new voice in literary fiction secures publishing deal

Graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme Sophie Mackintosh has secured a publishing deal with Hamish Hamilton for her debut novel The Water Cure following a seven-way auction.

Tue 20 June 2017, 13:55 | Tags: Book, English, Warwick Writing Programme

Warwick mathematician wins prestigious prize for book

A prize for the year’s best books in mathematics has been awarded by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) to Emeritus Professor Ian Stewart from the University of Warwick.

Thu 05 January 2017, 10:32 | Tags: University of Warwick, Book, USA, Mathematics, Academic staff

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