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University of Warwick launches the freeflow Festival

To celebrate a new partnership with The Sunday Times/Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award, the University of Warwick has launched the freeflow Festival.

AL Kennedy receives prestigious Heine Prize of Dusseldorf

Alison Kennedy, Professor of Creative Writing in the English and Comparative Literature Department at the University of Warwick has been awarded the Heinrich Heine Prize 2016 of the state capital Dusseldorf.

Tue 11 October 2016, 15:25 | Tags: Literature, Academic staff, English, Prize

The spectacle of TV explored in new book

From beautiful landscapes to Embarrassing Bodies a new book by a University of Warwick academic examines what makes us stop and stare at the TV.

Unsigned female talent uncovered by African playwrights’ network

Unpublished women writers from across Africa are being given a platform thanks to an online network and established by a University of Warwick academic.

“One of the best British novelists”: Warwick’s Sarah Moss releases The Tidal Zone

Sarah Moss, acclaimed author and Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Warwick, has released her fifth novel.

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