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More capital gains are received in one neighbourhood in Kensington than in Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle combined, finds new report

Total capital gains have almost tripled over the last decade, to £65bn by 2019/20. Despite this, most people never receive any capital gains, with less than 3% of adults paying capital gains tax over a ten-year period. In any given year just 0.5% of adults receive any gains, less than the number of additional rate (“45p”) income tax payers.

Tue 20 Feb 2024, 09:05 | Tags: Economics

WHO Director-General to speak at Europe’s largest Student-Run international forum, Warwick Economics Summit

The Warwick Economics Summit, Europe's largest entirely student-run international forum, is gearing up for another exceptional year of thought-provoking discussions and unparalleled insights.

Fri 02 Feb 2024, 11:47 | Tags: Economics, Economics and Finance

The greatest secret of the Soviet Union: What we can learn about today’s most secretive states

Twenty-five years ago, after the fall of the Soviet Union, an academic at the University of Warwick began work in the Russian archives to map the sophisticated regime that made the Soviet Union the most secretive state that ever existed.

Thu 28 Sep 2023, 13:17 | Tags: research, Economics

€1.45m awarded to research the role of human skills for economic development

Dr Federico Rossi, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, is one of just 400 researchers across Europe to have been awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant, to study which human skills are crucial for future economic development.

Four Warwick social scientists conferred Fellowship of the Academy for Spring 2023

The University of Warwick is delighted to announce that four academics in the Faculty of Social Sciences have been conferred Fellowship of the Academy this spring.

University of Warwick's Professor Andrew Oswald named as 'Nobel Prize class’ researcher

Professor Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science at the University of Warwick, has been named a Citation Laureate by the prestigious Institute of Scientific Information, for his pioneering contributions to the economics of happiness and well-being.

Wed 21 Sep 2022, 13:11 | Tags: Economics

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