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Energy GRP

‘Energy’ is one of the University of Warwick's research priorities. The University is addressing global challenges through its world-class multi-disciplinary research.

The inexorable rise in the global demand for energy will require profound changes in the way in which it is produced and utilised. Such changes are vital if ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are to be achieved.
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Power trainOur dependence on electrical power is set to grow as dependence on fossil fuels reduces. Therefore, how power is delivered via a smart grid infrastructure is a critical issue. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Professor Philip Mawby

Wind turbinesThe global energy industry faces challenges from growing demand in developing economies, alternative sources of supply, climate change, regulation and energy security. Find out more »

Academic theme leads: Professor David Elmes

Energy storageUK and global energy networks face a number of unprecedented challenges during the next few decades and research into energy storage is key to provide solutions to these challenges. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Professor Jihong Wang

ELVIN Electric Vehicle with Interactive NoiseWarwick is at the centre of developments in electric vehicle technologies in the UK. Rapid improvements in this technology will allow the decarbonisation of transport to take place. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Professor David Greenwood

Solar2014Efficient conversion of the sun's energy into electrical energy is the main focus of this theme, using conventional crystalline and organic materials. Find out more »


 Photo courtesy of Claire Mackintosh/Clickers Photography Ltd

Measuring conduction through heterogeneous materialsProcessing of heat from the sun or other sources to provide electrical energy as well as heating and cooling. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Dr Stan Shire

Academic lead

PMawby75Professor Philip Mawby
School of Engineering
P dot A dot Mawby at warwick dot ac dot uk
+44 (0)24 765 24742

Energy GRP Administrator

Academic lead

David ElmesProfessor David Elmes
Warwick Business School
David dot Elmes at wbs dot ac dot uk
+44 (0)24 761 50912