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Research Awards - Details and Case Studies

Since 2012 the Energy GRP has funded a number of development projects available to academics across the University to support research activities in the context of the Energy Global Research Priority (GRP). The purpose of these awards is to increase the University's capacity and capability to undertake world-class, innovative and exciting research in the field of energy as well as offer undergraduate students the opportunity to gain an insight into energy research work being undertaken at Warwick and to develop their transferable skills.

There are two elements of these awards, the Energy GRP Research Awards and the Energy GRP Undergraduate Research Scholarship Schemes. Please see the pages linked below for videos, reports and posters related to the projects supported.

Energy GRP Undergraduate Research Scholarship Schemes

Bursaries awarded in 2012/13

Bursaries awarded in 2013/14

Bursaries awarded in 2014/15

Bursaries awarded in 2015/16

Bursaries awarded in 2016/17

Energy GRP Academic Research Awards

Projects awarded in 2012/13

Projects awarded in 2014/15