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Environmental Sustainability

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Environmental Sustainability

This theme explores how we can improve the situation of the urban poor without threatening the ecological processes that support human well-being; how we can restructure our economy, built environment and infrastructure to combat climate change; and, how the transition to more sustainable lifestyles can be encouraged. Warwick’s technical and sociological expertise in critical infrastructure provision, energy production and storage, flood protection and environmental pollution provide key examples of our work in this theme. What urban environmental sustainability means and how one can help the urban poor without increasing the carbon footprint of the city is also a significant challenge. Warwick’s knowledge in the fields of legal and regulatory frameworks and international standards is also be used to explore a range of issues relevant to this stream, including air quality, food and waste, all of which are growing problems in an ever expanding urban environment.

Thematic Lead

The academic lead for this theme is Dr Soroush Abolfathi, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering

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Global Research Priorities

Our GRP programme addresses some of the most challenging problems facing the world today, providing a platform for research in key areas of international significance, from food to sustainable cities, energy to innovative manufacturing. Read more...

Global Sustainable Development

The Institute provides wide ranging knowledge of sustainable development research activities at Warwick and acts as a point of contact on such research activities within the University.