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Below is a selection of research at Warwick relevant to the Sustainable Cities GRP.

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Integrating Risk Perception and Action to enhance Civil Protection-Citizen interaction

RiskPACC is a three-year-long project is funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020 Programme. At Warwick RiskPACC is led by Professor Jon Coaffee and Dr Vangelis Pitidis.

RECLAIM (Reclaiming Forgotten Cities) is a new project involving the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (Warwick) to support Britain’s towns and cities as they adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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Coventry Cathedral

Sensing the city: CoventryLink opens in a new window

We investigate urban rhythms, atmospheres and patterns of behaviour. Our case study is Coventry. The city has undergone dramatic changes since the mid-twentieth century, and is now the UK City of Culture 2021.

Biometric forensics: IDENTITY

Biometric forensics is the study of unique way each of us look and behave for identification purposes. Multimedia forensics is the study of devices and media such as images, audio and video. Project IDENTITY aims to improve the ways we use biometric and multimedia forensics.

Health in slums

Our research aims to find the best ways to deliver healthcare to people living in slums in Asia and Africa. The focus will be on eight slums across Asia and Africa.

London air quality

The air quality in London has been improving over recent years. Policies to reduce emissions, mainly from transport, have worked. However, we need to do more. Poor air quality is a threat to public health.

URBE Latam

URBE Latam seeks to expand and refine the understanding of risks, vulnerabilities and potentialities associated with rain-related geohazards in Latin America.

Midlands future mobility

Our aim is to make the Midlands the UK centre for the development and testing of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). We use over 50 miles of Coventry and Birmingham roads to carry out our research.

Flood risk: Waterproofing dataLink opens in a new window

We look at how we deal with water-related risks. Currently, the local community are one of the last to know about flood risks. To create flood resilient communities, we need to rethink how flood data is produced and spread.