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Social and Cultural Sustainability

SCS 1170

Social and Cultural Sustainability

Placemaking, liveability and holistic approaches to the development of cities are increasingly important to large urban agglomerations such as cities. As such, this theme explores the human side of the city – how it provides the educational and employment opportunities to drive the urban economy, behaves as consumers of goods and services, the policy landscape in which it functions and how different cultures mix and change in the urban setting. The GRP is also considering the increasingly varied ways in which art engages with, and is integrated in, urban contexts and how public places are made more habitable and sustainable. This theme is actively supporting Coventry City of Coventry 2021 and Coventry’s ten-year cultural strategy.

Thematic Lead

The academic lead for this theme is Professor Jonothan Neelands, Professor of Creative Education, Warwick Business School

Cities Research

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Global Research Priorities

Our GRP programme addresses some of the most challenging problems facing the world today, providing a platform for research in key areas of international significance, from food to sustainable cities, energy to innovative manufacturing. Read more...