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Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies

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The Challenges

Efficient and sustainable energy development is an ever-present need in the modern world. The need to reduce waste energy in a cost-effective manner, whilst keeping convenience, is a driving force in the work of our STET group.

Our Research

The group works with organisations such as The British Antarctic Society, CK Solar and Eon to tackle a wide-range of sustainability issues. The primary areas of research are:

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Staff are involved in the Birmingham Science City Research Alliance and in delivering the thermal energy technology part of the Science City Energy Efficiency Project. Our facilities include refurbished laboratory space with some of the latest analytical and test equipment.

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  • EPSRC have funded an Interdisciplinary Centre for Storage, Transformation and Upgrading of Thermal Energy (i-STUTE), with an award of over £5 millon for 5 years, creating PhD and postdoctoral opportunities.
  • 4S-DHW (Small Smart Sustainable Systems for future Domestic Hot Water)
  • Manifest (Multi-scale ANalysis for Facilities for Energy STorage)
  • IDRIST (Industrial Demand Reduction through Innovative Storage Technologies)
  • High Performance Vacuum Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors for Hot Water and Process Heat
  • ThermExS Lab
The Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies group is part of the Mechanical and Process Stream

Academic Staff

Prof. Robert Critoph

Dr Stan Shire

Dr Zacharie Tamainot-Telto