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Alpha-MOS Fox Electronic Nose

The Biosensors Laboratory has two Alpha-MOS electronic nose instruments (Fox 4000 and 3000). Alpha-MOS was originally a spin out company that came from the fundametal electronic nose research which was undertaken initially at Warwick University. Alpha MOS develops and markets Electronic Nose (E-Nose) instruments to analyze odors and volatile compounds (VOC). In a way similar to human nose, Electronic Noses (E-Noses) allow global analysis of the headspace (volatile compounds) generated by liquid, gaseous or solid samples. These odor analyzers consist of three main parts:

  • Sampling system
  • Detection system
  • Data acquisition and processing system.

Alpha MOS has developed various models of odor analyzers that can include various sampling modes:

  • Manual sampling
  • Autosampler
  • On-line sampling
  • Employing gas sensors (Metal Oxide Sensors or MOS).

Data acquisition and processing is achieved through Alpha MOS proprietary software (Alpha Soft) using powerful multivariate statistics and chemometrics. More information on the Fox Electronic nose can be found on the Alpha-MOS website.