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Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH)

The Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) is an institute within the University of Warwick, set up in partnership with NHS West Midlands, WMG and Warwick Medical School (WMS). The IDH aims to improve people's health and wellbeing through the use of innovative digital technologies.

By combining the talents and resources from WMG, WMS, NHS West Midlands, NHS Trusts, private enterprises, charities and other bodies, the IDH will design and deliver appropriate care solutions that will have a real benefit to patients and their care support networks.

The IDH will be addressing a number of healthcare issues, including:

  • The use of monitoring and communication devices supporting people in their own homes
  • The development of new platforms to measure, analyse and communicate health data to support healthcare and promote wellbeing
  • Meeting the information and training needs of clinicians and healthcare technologists
  • Improving communication between, and the targeting of, activities by health and social care teams