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Work Shadowing Process for Technicians

"I am delighted to be able to launch the ‘Work Shadowing Process for Technicians’ which has been produced as part of the Technician Commitment aiming to support technical staff with their development.

Our Technical Community are vital to the operation of the University and this has never been more visible than during the last year. They have shown great flexibility during this period of uncertainty in undertaking tasks from home, some being furloughed to help the University, then of course leading the return to campus by preparing spaces ready for research and teaching in a Covid-secure manner. I thank them for this.

The Work Shadowing Process for Technicians has been developed to enable Technicians to develop their skills to aid with challenges in their roles or to assist them with career choices if considering a move to a different role/department. It helps those wishing to learn about other areas of the University and also helping to build better networks and collaborations across the Technical Community.

In order to endorse our commitment to the development of our technical community, we are also pleased to announce that technical staff may request two days per year minimum to undertake this and other development activity, via their line managers.

I would encourage all Technicians to consider using this process as part of their development and to discuss their wishes and aspirations with their line managers. I would also urge line managers to work with their staff to enable this opportunity which ultimately works for the benefit of all."

Professor Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor & President

The Technician Commitment Steering Group also recently published the completed two year action plan and the three year forward look Online Publication of Warwick’s Technician Commitment Action Plan and Self-Assessment. Furthermore, the Research England funded TALENT project has recently announced three new funds to support the Technical Community with their development, alongside soft skills sessions tailored to technical staff.

All information relating to the Technician Commitment can be found on the TechNet website [Technet@Warwick]

Wed 10 Feb 2021, 09:00 | Tags: technicians; technicians commitment