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Technicians Commitment update Oct 2019

Update following the Focus Groups held in 2019

We thought that it might be useful to provide an update on the outcomes of points raised, and suggestions made, by those of you who attended our initial Focus Groups to discuss the four key areas of the Technician Commitment. Some actions have been undertaken with immediate effect and some have been incorporated into Year 2 of the Technician Commitment Action Plan.

Suggestions we were able to action immediately included:


In Year 2 of the action plan we have committed to:


  • Propose that departments incorporate an ‘introduction to technicians and their work’ into department induction processes
  • encourage FTC staff to take part in networking events
  • consider having a Technician Champion in departments to work with technicians in support of the Skill Directory that has just been launched
  • have members of the Technician Commitment Steering Group attending HODS forums and department meetings to promote the Technician Commitment and explain the importance of Fair Attribution, with particular attention to how Technicians can be acknowledged on grants and papers
  • Put forward a suggestion that the University considers the introduction of a time input allowance to enable Technicians to draft their input into scientific publications
  • Provide data on the breakdown of technician gradings to assess future progress on upgrades and promotions
  • Run a pilot development programme for technicians, to be funded by Midlands Innovation (MI), which will inform the future development programme proposed for technicians.
  • Consider how Technicians might be given access to undertake degree modules to aid their development
  • Implement a workshadowing/mentoring process and propose a commitment of up to 2 days per year for relevant workshadowing opportunities.
  • Revise and update the Technician Commitment brochure
  • Hold further focus groups to enable further technician engagement


Much progress has been made during year one of the action plan and that the input of technicians has helped us to achieve this and to develop a challenging action plan for year two. We encourage feedback via this website on anything that you feel could help you or help us to progress with the Technician Commitment work and look forward to working with you again over the next few months.


Further events and focus groups relating to the Technician Commitment will be held over the winter period and a communication will be sent via the usual methods.