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Professor Lucy Hooberman

I worked in the Creative Economy for twenty five years prior to joining Warwick to research transformational aspects of the internet. As a former Producer of talks, exhibitions, drama festivals or television programmes value, for me, has always resided in the generation of understanding and enjoyment that results from a good cultural experience and what might be done by the individual or group concerned with that new understanding. A transmission of value from person to person via creativity. That's why market impact studies and other funding formulae can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to attributing value not costs. The unique afffordances of the digital world enable collaboration across platforms and cultures at a lower cost to entry than ever before. I hope the Commission will be able to generate a global debate on the value of intangibles in the creative economy as well as intangible cultural heritage.


Lucy Hooberman is Director of Digital Media and Innovation with the Warwick Manufacturing Group. She joined the University of Warwick in 2008 from the BBC and a career in Industry. Since 2001, Lucy Hooberman has worked in the field of Innovation and Creativity at the BBC as part of the blue skies team set up to transform the organisation with the advent of the world wide web. This transformational period included business process innovation, innovation for products and services, culture change and future focussed work such as scenario planning and trends analysis.

She founded and set up the BBC Blog network which is going from strength to strenth which not only enabled the BBC to get into social media beyond message boards, but helped change culture and behaviour as it developed. Collaboration between different disciplines is her speciality and she has facilitated and lead multi-disciplinary teams fostering shared vocabulary and metrics across divisions. Her formal research was in the potential for visual navigational modes to break down barriers to access and content and was published at IBC and as a BBC R&D white paper.

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Lucy Hooberman