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Under certain defined circumstances final-year undergraduate students may appeal against the award of a particular degree class (including Pass degree), or if they have not been awarded a qualification (with no further right of resit). You are required to complete a form if you wish to appeal. This form, which includes the conditions relating to appeals and contact details for seeking advice on making an appeal, is available via the link further down this page. Appeals from final-year students against degree classification are administered by the Examinations Section of the Academic Office.


First-year and intermediate-year undergraduate students have the right to appeal only against a decision that they be required to withdraw from their course of study, and then only if they are in possession of relevant evidence which was not available to the Board of Examiners when its decision was reached and can provide good reason for not having made the Board of Examiners aware of this evidence previously. You are required to complete a form if you wish to appeal. This form, which includes contact details for advice on appeal procedures, is available via the link further down this page. Appeals by first- and intermediate-year students are administered by the Faculty Secretariat of the appropriate Faculty Board (please see the appeal form for further details and faculty contacts).

*No other decisions of Boards of Examiners are open to appeal*. Please note the appeal procedures may not be used to challenge the academic judgement of examiners, nor to dispute marks awarded in individual modules or pieces of work.

*All appeals must be lodged in writing within ten University working days of the publication of the examination result which is the subject of the appeal*.

The process for considering appeals is set out in University Regulation 42, which is available here.

The appeal form is available (in Word format) here.

A Completion of Procedures letter will be issued to a student when the internal complaints/appeals procedures of the University have been completed. This will set out the issues that were considered in your complaint/appeal and the University’s final decision. The Completion of Procedures letter will also explain how you can apply for a review of your complaint/appeal to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).


If it is decided that your performance merits the award of a lower qualification than the one for which you were registered or does not merit the award of a qualification at all, you have a right of appeal. Regulation 42 sets out the procedure to be followed for taught postgraduate courses and for research postgraduate courses. Regulation 42 sets out the process for considering appeals and is available here.

Students should note that there is no right of appeal against the requirement to resubmit work or resit examinations nor against the decision to award a Master's degree at pass level rather than with distinction or merit.

You can download the appeals form (in Word format) here.

Further information on submitting a postgraduate appeal may be found on the Postgraduate Examinations page. Please consult the Doctoral College (see ) for any further advice required.