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Discussion forums

Flexible discussion spaces alongside your teaching material
Enabling engagement in a controlled space
Forums are safe space for students to ask questions, share ideas, reflect and support each other.


  • Continue discussion online following a lecture or seminar to keep students engaged in the topic
  • Promote community and allow students to work and learn collaboratively
  • Communicate key information to specific grops, or the entire class
  • Use as a ‘frequently asked questions’ area to reduce student emails

    Forums at Warwick with the Moodle Forum activity

    Forums are an activity in Moodle allowing you to create forums to suit your needs, right along side your teaching materials.

    • Multiple forums can be set up in various formats to suit your requirements
    • Create a free-form space where students can have an open discussion any time
    • Create a structured discussion prompting responses with specific guidance
    • Allow tutors or students to moderate discussion
    • Control when students see posts, only allowing once they have posted themselves

    Example Recipes - How discussion forums can be used to enhance your teaching.

    Recipe description 1