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Blended & hybrid teaching

Individual and group teaching via online platforms
Connect with students, anywhere
Provide students with teaching and learning activities online in real-time or anytime


  • Teach students together, wherever they are
  • Provide flexible access to teaching and learning activities and content
  • Deliver synchronous online lectures, seminars and personal tutoring meetings
  • Collaborate and interact in real-time
  • Communicate with individuals and groups no matter their location

Teaching for Learning Online

Learn more about teaching online including, supporting the students experience, design for online learning, creating content and activities, assessment and feedback and creating inclusive online learning.

Hybrid Teaching at Warwick

Learn more about what remote teaching is, designing remote teaching sessions, and find out more about what tools are available in Warwick teaching spaces.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables you to meet, chat, share and collaborate from anywhere. Combining chat, documents, people and tools in one secure place. Use Teams to teach students online or on campus to in-classroom and remote audiences.

BlackBoard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a webinar service built for education, training and meetings.

Example Recipes - How online and remote classes can be used to enhance your teaching.

Recipe description 1