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Blackboard Collaborate - Webinar Service

Please note that the Blackboard Collaborate - Webinar Service platform is retired as of 1st July 2022. After this date, AV Services will reject any new requests for Webinar bookings.

All existing sessions will remain operational after this date and self service support content will still be published, however any requests to modify existing bookings for existing customers will be handled on a case by case basis and may be subject to the request being declined. We recommend all new and existing customers utilise the Microsoft Teams platform.

Blackboard Collaborate is a simple, convenient, and reliable webinar service built for education, training and meetings.

Engage with the material and your participants. Thanks to it's robust collaboration and webinar tools, everyone feels like they're in the same room together, regardless of their location or device.

Please complete the Webinar booking form to have your webinar scheduled.

For an urgent Webinar within 24/48 hours, please contact us on 024 765 22463 after submitting the Webinar booking form.

Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Webinar
While Blackboard Collaborate (BB Collab) supports all modern internet/web browsers, Chrome or Firefox will provide you with the best end user experience.
Getting Started and Basics

Blackboard Collaborate webinars operate using three main roles: Moderator, Presenter and Guest/Participant.

Help within BB Collab, the first time login experience

Moderator Presenter Guest/Participants

As Moderator you are responsible for running the session and sharing the session link as appropriate.

You can start recordings, share content, assign presenters, moderate chat, manage attendees,can mute all the mics if needed.

Create polls & breakout groups and manage live closed captioning.

Additional support for the Moderator is available 

Presenters can upload, share, edit, and stop sharing content. You can also see hand raise notifications and can lower hands.

Additional support for the Presenter is available 

Anyone who joins the webinar without either of the ‘Moderator’ or ‘Presenter’ assigned roles will join as a ‘guest’.

The link that guests can join form is dispersed via the Moderator.

Please note: this hyperlink is not secure and can be forwarded to other people.

Audio and Video

You must give the internet browser permission to use audio and video to participate in a session. This is necessary so that you are both seen and heard.

You'll be asked to do this when you first join a session or when you first go to share your audio or video.

Help with using audio and video during a webinar

Content Sharing
  1. Join the session either as Moderator or Presenter
  2. Open Collaborate panel (Purple button in the bottom right corner)
  3. Click on the ‘Share Content’ tab
  4. Either upload a file using ‘Share Files’ or ‘Share Application/Screen’

Help with sharing content in a webinar


Only moderators can turn recording on in sessions. Recorded sessions are compressed and saved as MP4s.

Recordings include activity in the live session.

  • Audio content
  • Any content shared or active speaker video. If both are shared during the session, only the content shared is recorded.
  • Captions entered during the live session or added later by a moderator. Only one caption track is available. If your session had more than one caption track, only the first available one is captured.
  • Chat messages in the Everyone channel. Private messages and chat messages in breakout groups are not recorded.
How to Record
  1. Join the session as the Moderator
  2. Open Session menu (Top left)
  3. Choose the first option Start Recording
  4. After the recording has finished and the session has ended the Moderator will receive an email with a link to the recording. Please allow 24 hours after the session has ended for the recording to finish processing before you will receive an email. If you are the Moderator and do not receive an email after this period, please contact us.
  5. The recording can be downloaded through the ‘Recording Menu’ on the left hand side.

For more help and information on recording

For the best Blackboard Collaborate experience with your screen reader please use Firefox and Jaws or NVDA on a Windows system.
On a Mac please use Safari and VoiceOver.
Essential Resources

General Help/Guidance information: or view our FAQs