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Online Exams

Deliver online exams and online self-assessments
Enhanced learning experience
Time saving data capture from paper based exams

Benefits of online exams and online self-assessments

Questionmark Perception enables you to author, deliver and report on online exams, tests and quizzes. The cloud-based system allows you to collaboratively work with colleagues on question banks, no matter at what time or in which location. Predefined reporting and analytics tools help you to gain quick insight. Alternatively, you can download the data and analyse in a tool of your choice to customise your reports.


  • Use intuitive browser-based app to author and tag questions organized in hierarchical, searchable large Question Banks
  • More than 20 different question types that can include images, video, audio
  • Topics and folders for organising your questions and assessments, multi author environment
  • Randomisation of questions and answers to minimise cheating
  • Templates for different assessment types for simple error free assessment set-up (e.g. survey, quiz, exam)
  • Conduct observational assessments
  • Deliver high-stakes tests and exams securely to minimize opportunity for cheating and fraud


  • Use Secure or Open environment providing for both summative and formative assessments
  • Use Online Proctoring to ensure integrity of distance learning test and exam results
  • Limit assessment time, with option to accommodate extra timers (?)


  • Enable students take assessments on their own laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Accessibility controls (font size, contrast)
  • Formative learning activities that can be repeatedly used by students for revision without an additional workload on teaching staff
  • Instant marking possible if no review by teacher required
  • Instant feedback to participants at item, topic or assessment levels
  • Feedback can include hyperlinks to learning materials and web applications
  • Adaptive assessment branching based on how questions are answered


  • Shorten students' learning curves with instant results and prescriptive feedback
  • Track the performance of an individual student or for a group of students
  • Immediate online viewing of results, reports and item analysis: accessible for all teaching staff at the same time and independent of location
  • Analyze and report on results to students, instructors, administrators and other stakeholders.
  • Export answers for custom reporting

Online exams at Warwick with Questionmark Perception

Questionmark Perception is used as the main platform for secure online exams, class tests and self assessments at Warwick. QM Perception is a commercial software which is widely used across HE sector as well as by awarding bodies and large international organisations for secure online examinations. At Warwick QM Perception is used for Diagnostic testing, Secure online exams, Class tests with audio and video questions, OSCE exams, Essay style exams and Observational assessments.

Benefits of using QM Perception

  • Comprehensive help in design and delivery of your assessment
  • Collaborative authoring environment and department-wide question banks
  • Secure exams delivered at different locations on campus
  • Flexible delivery options make it easy to deliver observational assessments.
  • Full 24/7 access to student results for a course leader
  • Advanced reporting by module/group/individual students as well as question statistics and difficulty level analysis

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