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Introduction to Perception

Students and staff can access QM Perception at Warwick via this link: QMP at Warwick
Visit the Questionmark Perception support pages for staff authoring exams and assessments, and for students taking a test.
Questionmark Perception is an online assessment, delivery and reporting tool available to all staff and students at Warwick. It can be used to create individual questions, which are brought together to form an exam, assessment, questionnaire or survey. These assessments are then made available to students to take online.
Feedback can be built into the questions, and staff can then view online reports of student achievement.

Please take QMP quiz to explore question types and test your knowledge.

Questionmark Perception offers a rich set of features including:

  • QMP offers secure or open environment for your assessments
  • A single easy-to-use question and assessment authoring tool
  • 20 different question types
  • Streamlined publishing of assessments to the web
  • Topics and folders for organising your questions and assessments
  • Default assessment types for simple error free assessment set-up (e.g. survey, quiz, exam)
  • Easy selection and randomisation of questions
  • Instant feedback to participants at item, topic and/or assessment levels
  • Feedback can include hyperlinks to learning materials and web applications
  • Adaptive assessment branching based on how questions are answered
  • Online viewing of results, reports and item analysis
  • Export answers for custom reporting
  • A WYSIWYG editor with spell checker

Benefits of using Questionmark include:

  • Assessments that can be taken any time, from any Internet enabled place.
  • Instantaneous feedback and marking.
  • Sophisticated question types that can include images, video, audio, drag and drop etc.
  • Formative learning activities that can be repeatedly used by students for revision without an additional workload on teaching staff.
  • The ability to track the performance of an individual student or for a group of student.

The Questionmark Perception assessment management system enables academics to

author --> schedule --> deliver --> report for quizzes, assessments and exams.


  • What type of question design is available with Perception?

There are 20 different question types available in QM Perception.

  • How can I access the results for my students?

You can login to QMP at Warwick and get access to all results for your students. Alternatively, you can request custom made report to be provided to your email address.

  • What kind of reports and statistical analysis of student results are available for teaching staff?

There are 12 report templates available, including:

Assessment Overview report - overview of results for one or more assessments

Coaching report - detailed results for one participant taking one assessment

Export for Excel / ASCII - list of results for a single assessment exported directly into MS Excel/comma separated format suitable to for import to SPSS, MS Access and other systems

Gap report - a comparison of two sets of results to reveal the difference between them

Question statistics report - question analysis form an assessment prospective

Test analysis report - analysis of the statistical performance of an assessment including the internal consistency reliability

  • Is it possible to set a time limit for web based session?

Yes, you may set up a time limit for the session or leave the session available unlimited. Also, tests can be scheduled automatically (for those registered on a module) and down to the second.

  • Is it possible to randomise questions for the session?

Yes, Perception allows you to create a question bank and select questions randomly for each student to minimise cheating.

  • Can I allow students to see the results immediately after the test?

Yes; results may be made available for students immediately after the submission of the session or may be sent to the lecturer electronically. Perception allows you to create feedback for correct and incorrect answers and gives your students the possibility of seeing it, helping their learning and understanding.

  • Is it possible to allocate students to the session?

Yes, students may be allocated to the session on a group basis or session may be created as 'open', so any student may have access to it.

If you have any other questions or require further information, please contact us on perception at warwick dot ac dot uk


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