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Reading lists

Create and clearly structure course readings for your module.
Efficient access to essential and supplementary readings.
Incorporate reading lists with your teaching materials, easily collecting a wider range of resources, effectively organised and continually developing.


Clearly offer access to key reading material, easily identifying topic specific essential and supplementary reading.

  • Collate and grow your modules reading material
  • Allow students to read further materials of topics of interest
  • Give insight to the scopes of materials and publications on topics

Reading Lists at Warwick with Talis Aspire

Warwicks Library team manages the creation of 1000s of reading lists that can be delivered along side your teaching material on Moodle.

  • One click takes students to Module specific reading material
  • Add notes and identify the importance of each item in your reading list for students
  • Organise your reading list into subsections and pages based on your teaching structure
  • Include links to printed and digital library resources
  • Use Talis Aspire to help the Library Team ensure access to core reading materials for students

Example Recipes - How Talis Aspire can be used to enhance your teaching.

Recipe description 1