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Academic Technology Newsletter - September 2023

Academic TechnologyLink opens in a new window is part of the Flexible & Online Learning Division (FOLD). We support and advise on a range of technology-enhanced learning tools.


Our student guidesLink opens in a new window for Moodle, Echo360, Vevox, and Padlet have been revamped. These resources will help students familiarise themselves with our digital tools, so please do direct students to these where possible. We will be be updating the guide for other tools including Mahara after the start of term.


Moodle 4.1 upgrade report

The Moodle 4.1 upgrade was implemented on 27th July, bringing significant aesthetic and layout changes so most options can now be accessed via more consistent horizontal and dropdown menus.

Some issues were uncovered following the upgrade. The latest Moodle version 4.1.5 update on 14th September has fixed some back-end system issues.

Improvements have also been made with the following items:

  • Assignment activity information, including due dates, now visible on submission page
  • The hidden course message advising editors and tutors that the current course is hidden was added back to Moodle on Monday this week

Learning Systems (IDG) are continuing to develop, improve and fix the following issues:

  • H5P embed display problems - especially in book
  • Breadcrumb navigation improvements (including display of short name and academic year if present)
  • Improvements to night/day mode
  • "This module" list alphabetisation
  • Some issues with webgroup enrolments from the Moodle-admin tool
  • Currently unable to access the Blackboard Ally accessibility report via a quick link for course editors/tutors/managers on the course page.
    In the interim, please access the accessibility report via the ‘Reports’ tab on the course page.
  • Other reported issues

Top tips:
1. Advise new users that they can use the 'Reset user tour on this page' link at the bottom of any Moodle space for a repeat of the quick guided tour.

2. Students can also consult our updated Moodle guides for an overview of the updated version of Moodle.

3. You can access context specific Moodle help & documentation via the question mark in the footer at the bottom of every Moodle page.

See our Training & Workshop Opportunities section below for more information and support.

  • Rollover process reminder and update
    Many of our tools (including Moodle) are dependant on upstream data, particularly SITS, which we have no control over. The availability and quality of data has made Moodle rollover challenging this year, causing frustration, and delaying the availability of some modules. It is our understanding that senior managers are investigating, and will be speaking with affected teams to ensure this can be prevented in the future.

Department super users: See the 'Academic year rollover' section of our Academic Technology Super User GuideLink opens in a new window which details the standard rollover process.


*** New Service ***

We have just launched our Rapidmooc Studios.

Rapidmooc studios are 'plug and play' dedicated video recording hardware with a studio green screen setup and adjustable lighting.

This service allows staff to create engaging, professional quality videos for blended & online learning, training and tutorials. It is supported by Audio Visual (hardware support) and the Academic Technology team (advice and guidance).

Studios are located in Westwood, Humanities building, and Gibbet Hill.

Please visit the Rapidmooc webpageLink opens in a new window to find out more or contact Academic Technology via opens in a new window

Training & Workshop Opportunities - Sign up and SHARE

      Training & Support is available for help with Moodle, Vevox, H5P, Padlet and more. See our training pageLink opens in a new window for more info or to book an appointment.


      Lecture Capture Scheduling

      • Echo360 Sections mostly available for linking
        The vast majority of Echo360 module sections are now available for lecture capture scheduling. The issues we have recently encountered is due to incorrect data upstream which our lecture capture systems rely on scheduling. If you are having difficulty linking to an Echo360 section or having other lecture capture scheduling problems due to section errors, please contact the SITS team and/or the MMA (Modules, Marks and Assessment) team first to ensure all module data is correct with these teams.
      • Echo360 content management
        If you would like some guidance about managing lecture capture content stored on Echo360, please see our 'Access and manage Echo360 contentLink opens in a new window' page.
      • Notify the Academic Technology team of module changes affecting lecture capture
        Please notify us of any changes to lecture capture bookings or central timetable data for any lecture capture requests, so we can ensure the system has updated or manually update them ourselves.

          Amend a schedule formLink opens in a new window - Please use this form to ensure efficient and accurate changes to any future recordings.

          Delete a recording formLink opens in a new window - There is an option to advise of a GDPR breach so we can liaise with the Infosecurity team directly.

          Echo360 Deployment NotesLink opens in a new window - Regular updates and fixes

          Please see our lecture capture request guidesLink opens in a new window to get started. If you need further assistance, please get in touch via


          • PowerPoint add-in feature
            Vevox’s PowerPoint add-in is now available for Mac & PC. This allows integration of Vevox polls with PowerPoint, providing more seamless presentations.
            See our Training & Workshop Opportunities section to sign up to our ‘Overview of the PowerPoint add-in & other recent updates’ training session.

          See this quick introduction and guide to Vevox at WarwickLink opens in a new window and the self-paced Introduction to VevoxLink opens in a new window course.

          Mahara e-portfolio

          There have been some delays that are beyond our control in the usual annual upgrade of the Mahara service. This is due to a change in the main Mahara global licensing model. Once this matter has been resolved with our host and provider we expect to be able to announce the upgrade plan.


          Padlet GazetteLink opens in a new window - The official Padlet blog

          New to the tool? Find out how to get started with our Introduction to Padlet at WarwickLink opens in a new window

          JISC Discovery Tool

          The JISC Digital Capabilities Discovery Tool is a 15-20 minute online activity for Warwick staff and students to produce a digital capabilities profile and to recommend areas for development. This tool enables personal reflection on confidence and skills across a range of digital capabilities. It is available at any time for staff and students. There are question sets for staff on Overall digital capabilities, Effective digital teaching, Accessibility and inclusion, Teaching in HE and Leading for Digital Change. Starting with the Overall digital capabilities survey is usually recommended.

          For students there are digital capabilities question sets for Current students and New Students. Students can access this at any time and a department may choose to encourage them to do so (e.g. as an induction activity), or at the start of each academic year perhaps. It is worth knowing that the Student Opportunity Skills Team run the Warwick Award encouraging the development of 12 core skills, and completion of this survey can count towards that award if a student chooses to pursue that path. The student survey can be taken independently and participation in the Warwick Award is optional.

          The Student Opportunity Skills Team can offer you access to the responses obtained from over 525 students during the 2022/23 A/Y which you may wish to use to identify student capability gaps and inform your student training and support offers. If you would like access to this information, please contact Parmjit Dhugga, Warwick Award Manager.

           Microsoft Stream Migration - Reminder & Update

          • In 2021 Microsoft announced that their video-sharing service, Stream, would be moved onto SharePoint, merging the capabilities of Stream and SharePoint to bring fully integrated video experiences across Office 365. As part of this process, the automatic migration of older video content from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) has been carried out by IDG over the summer.
          • Links to migrated video content will continue to function until February 2025. However, embedded videos, such as those in Moodle, might require users to click an 'open-video' button until a solution for direct access is implemented.
          • The migrated videos will be available and searchable in Stream (on SharePoint).
          • See the following link to find out more about the new Stream (on SharePoint)Link opens in a new window.

          Top Tip: because of the challenges of sharing and embedding content using Stream we are advising staff who are sharing new video content with students to consider Echo 360 which in most instances will provide easier options for embedding and sharing.

          Community Input

          Feedback, questions, comments or tips are welcome. Please share them by contacting Jim Judges:

          This newsletter can only provide a taste and snapshot of some of the active areas of interest. If you need help and guidance, please refer to the main online Academic Technology pages.Link opens in a new window If you have a technical query with Moodle or any of our supported tools, please contact For more general IT enquiries, or if you are unsure who to ask please contact the IT helpdesk.

          All the best,

          Nirmala Ale, Cameron Deans, Michelle Jackman, Jim Judges, Nadine Stewart, Paul Trimmer

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