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Blackboard Ally for Instructors

Blackboard Ally is integrated with Moodle, helping you to improve the accessibility of your files. Ally automatically scans files you upload into Moodle and then performs these steps:

  • Generates alternative formats for students to download
  • Provides accessibility scores
  • Gives instructor feedback on how to improve your accessibility score

Alternative formats

Students can download alternative formats of instructor content wherever they see the Ally download icon download alternative formats icon. Available formats include PDF, ePub, mp3, and electronic braille. Alternative formats are completely self-service so you don't need to do anything.

You can choose to disable alternative formats for individual content items. This option can be found by clicking the Ally download icon download alternative formats icon.

For a full list of alternative formats, please see Ally's guidance on alternative formats for instructors.

Accessibility scores

Files uploaded to your Moodle space are scanned by Ally and assigned an accessibility score ranging from low to perfect. The higher the score, the fewer accessibility issues were found.

The following icons indicate how your file scored:

  • Created with Sketch. Low
  • Created with Sketch. Medium
  • Created with Sketch. High
  • Created with Sketch. Perfect

Important: Students are not able to view accessibility scores. They will only see the option to download alternative formats.

Instructor feedback

For files with a score of low, medium, and high, Ally gives details of the issues found as well as step-by-step advice on how to fix them. Simply click on the accessibility score icon to get started.

Blackboard Ally instructor feedback view

Blackboard Ally instructor feedback view.

Further resources

More information on Ally for instructors is available at the Blackboard website.

    The information on this page relates to Blackboard Ally and was last updated August 2022.


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