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Reuse Echo360 content

This guide explains how to reuse or share Echo360 content to students in different modules or academic years. There are several methods of doing this and the method you choose will depend on your specific requirements.

The most common use of these methods is to reuse recordings from previous years in the current or next academic years modules.

In order to make any content available from a previous year, you must be the content creator/owner or seek consent from the original creator.

In this guide:

Re-publish recordings within Echo360

Recordings can be made available to current students from other modules or previous years modules by re-publishing (i.e. sharing) them to the current academic year or module class in Echo360.

  1. Navigate to the Moodle space where the original recording is available.
  2. Click on the Lecture Capture (Echo360) block on the right-hand side of the space.
  3. Click the media icon to the right of the video you wish to add to your current year and click Details
  4. Select the Sharing tab
  5. Click Add To A Class
  6. In the new panel select from the dropdowns:
    1. The Course you want to add the content to
    2. The Term (Academic year)
    3. Then the Section, which should have narrowed based on previous selections
    4. Either, select Existing Class
      • Choose the class from the drop down list
      • Click Share
    5. Or, select New Class
      • Give the Class a name
      • Optionally, add a description and limit availability
      • Click Share

Your recording(s) will be available in their new location via the Moodle Echo360 block to students with the correct course enrolments. There is still only one version of the video, the transcript/captions file will still be available, and any changes made to it will affect anywhere that it appears. The video will still have the same name unless amended in the 'details' section.

Link to recordings using the Moodle External link tool

Recordings can be made available to students from other modules or previous years by linking to them using the Moodle external tool from any Moodle space.

  1. Navigate to the current Moodle space.
  2. Turn editing on.
  3. Navigate to the section you would like to add the content to and click Add an activity or resource.
  4. Select External tool.
  5. Give the activity a name to indicate what you are linking to.
  6. Under Preconfigured tool select Echo ALP Prod.
  7. Click the Save and display button.
  8. Choose the Echo360 section (module) you want to share recordings from. If it has automatically selected the module you are currently in, click Link to a different section.
  9. You will now have the option to link to either all recordings for that module (Link to the Section Home) or an individual recording (Link to a Classroom).
    1. To link to all recordings, select the section and click Link to the Section Home.
    2. To link to a recording, select Link to a Classroom and select the recording.
  10. Click the Link Content button.

Give guest access to a Moodle space

This method is not strictly about reusing content. Instead, guest access allows students who are not enrolled on a Module to access a Moodle Module space that they are not enrolled on to gain access to teaching materials including Echo360 recordings via the Echo360 block.

  1. Navigate to the space in Moodle.
  2. Click Participants.
  3. Click the settings cog icon in the top right of the Participants pane, and click Enrolment methods.
  4. Under Add method choose Warwick guest access, then click Add method.
    • If required, you can limit access to staff, students, PGs, UGs or by dept.
  5. Return to the space and copy the URL.
  6. You can now share the URL with your students using Moodle's URL (weblink) resource.

Create a public link or embed from Echo360

We do not recommend embedding or using public links unless it is appropriate and absolutely necessary. This is to avoid your content being shared beyond your intended audience. If you create a public link or embed content, you do so at your own risk.

Echo360 allows the owner or creator of a recording to link to or embed that recording within Moodle or on a web page. Links to individual recordings, or to sections containing multiple recordings, can be restricted to Warwick members (who must be authenticated to Echo360 via Moodle first), or made public. You can generate multiple links for a recording, with different settings, and control how long each link is active.

  1. Navigate to the previous year's Moodle space.
  2. Click on the Lecture Capture (Echo360) block on the right-hand side of the space.
  3. You can then share all of the module's recordings or a single recording.

To share the whole module's recordings

    1. Click Settings from the top of the page.
    2. Click Access Links on the left of the page, then click Add Link.
    3. Leave the role as student and change the permission to the desired setting.
    4. Copy the link and paste where required or follow the guide to add a URL (weblink) resource to a Moodle space.

To share a single recording

    1. Click the media button next to the video and click Details.
    2. Click Share on the left under the video content.
    3. Click the Link tab, then click Copy.
    4. Paste where needed or follow the guide to add a URL (weblink) resource to your current Moodle page, pasting in the link.

If none of the above methods are suitable or you are not the original owner of the content but have proof of their consent, contact Lecture Capture support for assistance.
The information on this page relates to Moodle and Echo360 and was last updated April 2021.


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