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Incident Report Form

Campus is generally a very safe place indeed, with very low crime levels compared to many other universities; however, a small number of students have been victim to incidents of anti-social behaviour, racism and street crime when they are travelling on foot or cycling in the local area to or from Campus.

The University is working closely with the police and other stakeholders to reduce these crimes and we want you to report incidents that have happened to you. This enables us to understand the size and scope of the problem, so that we can provide appropriate support for you. Completing this form does not create a formal report to the police.

Types of incident may include, for example; threats of violence, verbal abuse, physical violence, theft, damage to personal property and damage to accommodation.

If the incident relates to sexual violence, please view our sexual violence prevention and support pages to report the incident.
Urgent police response required?

If you think you are in immediate danger right now, dial 999 (emergency services number for the UK) and request an urgent police and/or medical response. You should do this when:

  • An offender is still present and you are in danger

  • You or anyone else is seriously hurt

  • You think the offender may return

Please also complete this form if you have reported using 999.

Non-emergency police report

If a crime has been committed and you wish to report it to the police, dial 101 (non-emergency number for the UK) as well as completing this form.

Incident details
Additional information
About the offender(s)

If the alleged perpetrator is not a member of the Warwick community this information will only be used by the police.

Vehicle details
Offence type
Witness information
CCTV/video evidence
Your details (optional)
This incident report will be forwarded immediately to Wellbeing Support Services, Students’ Union (SU) Advice Centre and Campus Security. We aim to process the information submitted within 2-3 working days and someone will be in touch to talk to you about options, advice and support available.
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Any data you provide on this form is used solely to help us improve our services.
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