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20 Nov 2023

Why your event food matters

The best events are much more than corporate get-togethers, they are meticulously crafted experiences designed to leave your delegates feeling connected to your brand, satisfied, and eager for more.

Tags: Food, Events
06 Nov 2023

5 ways to measure your event’s success

Hosting an event is a great way to connect and engage with your audience, but how do you know if your event was successful, well-received and beneficial to the business?

09 Oct 2023

Sustainability: The secret ingredient for successful events

In recent years, the act of hosting good events alone has become insufficient for event organisers looking to impressing delegates, and the concept of sustainability has emerged as a key influence in how both events and organisations are perceived.

02 Oct 2023

Event design: How to create the perfect delegate experience

Event design is far from just a trendy term in the world of event planning; it is a key component that can make or break the success of any event.

28 Jul 2023

Questions to ask yourself before planning an event

Planning an event can be a fun and exciting task, but it also requires thoughtful preparation.

26 Jul 2023

5 events to elevate the status of your organisation

Fostering strong brand recognition and maintaining good perceptions of your brand are key for organisations looking to be successful.