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Benefits of virtual and hybrid event solutions
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With vast in-house event experience and technical expertise, Warwick Conferences can offer a flexible and trusted approach to connect with audiences remotely and physically.

It combines the best of both worlds by offering virtual and hybrid alternatives to traditional events, and allows for event organisers to extend the reach and participation of delegates and speakers - wherever they may be in the world.

Whilst the virtual event solution is completely online, bringing an audience together without the physical need to be together, the hybrid event solution combines a physical with a remote event, allowing participants to attend a venue in person or access online.

Cloud Conferencing supports event organisers from concept through to delivery and beyond through a tailored approach. From digital delegate invites and registration, to live-streaming of the event, and post-event links to recorded sessions and analytics.

Both virtual and hybrid events are hosted on the best online conference platforms from diverse event spaces, which includes a state-of-the art broadcasting studio managed by an in-house event production team.

They can support over 10,000 users at the same time from anywhere in the world and with an emphasis on social interaction, with features including live Q&A sessions and voting, the events are designed to be fully immersive and engaging.

And as with any event at Warwick Conferences, the dedicated team is committed to creating lasting and memorable experiences that will exceed expectations.

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