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Exploring values in academic induction toolkit


Our goal is to support the introduction of Warwick’s Values and Principles to incoming students in a way that is relevant to their everyday experiences.

While every learner arrives with some sense that these values or principles exist, and may have completed an online course as part of their registration, many are still unsure about what is expected of them. Not all questions and concerns can be resolved via the proposed activities, but they facilitate an opportunity to start a discussion and promote a sense of student community within departments.

This toolkit is relevant to those with responsibilities for planning academic induction activities (e.g. Heads of Departments, Directors of Student Experience, Directors of Undergraduate Studies) and those with an interest in Community Values education.

Activities are designed to be facilitated by staff within the department.

Activities are flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of your department - use as little or as much as you like, or take inspiration and create your own. Not all activities will suit all departments (or facilitators) - we are happy to provide planning support if needed.




Spectrum of Opinion
  • Appropriate for ice-breaker/welcome.
  • Can be made shorter/longer.
  • Suitable for in-person.
  • Adapted version for online (with voting technology in place).


Vocabulary of Values
  • Promoting community via teamwork and reflection.
  • Recognising differences and similarities in each other.
  • Suitable for in-person.
  • Adapted version for online groups.
Images of Culture
  • No additional session is required (students contribute via email).
  • Suitable for large groups.
  • In-person or online (a showcase of student image submissions)
  • Explores personal values.
Exploring Differences
  • Ability to form small groups desirable.
  • Activity to consider how differences affect our experiences, and how we can support one another within the university community.


Flower Power
  • Activity exploring privilege and oppression.
  • Can be delivered as an offline, introspective, individual activity, followed by a group discussion (in-person or online).
  • Suitable for small and large groups.
Privilege Walk
  • Suitable for smaller in-person groups.
  • In-person requires one hour.
  • Advanced activity.
Thank you to the staff and students who have submitted activity ideas:

Jonny Heron, IATL

Jane Bryan, School of Law

Carolina Alonso Bejarano, School of Law

Rachel Dickinson, WBS

Sam Parr, Community Values Education Programme

Sexpression Warwick