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Active Bystander Intervention

What is 'active bystander intervention'?

In this context, a bystander is someone who witnesses unacceptable behaviour (behaviour which is contrary to our community values). An active bystander is someone who makes an intervention; to de-escalate the situation, ensure the safety of those present, and/or to challenge unacceptable attitudes and behaviours.

Our Active Bystander Intervention project supports students developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to make effective interventions.

    What does the Active Bystander Intervention project at Warwick offer?

    The project offers:

    We are also currently collecting your intervention experiences as part of this project.

    What is the Active Bystander Intervention course?

    The Active Bystander Intervention course course looks at:

    • What our community values look like in practice, and spotting the signs of unacceptable behaviours like bullying and domestic violence.
    • How we identify and interpret behaviour as unacceptable, as well as understanding how people can disagree.
    • Our role in building a community that embodies our values, through safe and effective interventions as an active bystander.
    • The barriers to becoming an active bystander, and how we can overcome them.
    • Effective intervention strategies for a wide range of scenarios, including sexual violence, harassment, and hate.

    The Active Bystander Intervention course explores our role as active bystanders within the university community (and beyond), and equips participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, effective interventions.

    The course is delivered across 5 2-hour sessions, which each include a 10 minute break.

    Find out more about the Active Bystander Intervention course here.