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Community Values Education - Positive, Inclusive, Empowering

About the Community Values Education Programme

The Community Values Education Programme launched in September 2019, following 18 months of development work in partnership with the Students' Union. The programme supports the exploration of the University's work on community values within academic departments, developing resources and activities which enable students to explore Warwick's values in a structured and supportive way, contributing to the development of a stronger campus community.

Programme resources & activities are co-created with students and informed by our shared community values of openness, equality and diversity, mutual respect and trust.

For more information, contact the CVEP team via

Values Education within the Academic Learning Experience

The Community Values Education Programme works with academic and central University departments to embed Warwick's values into the academic learning experience, with a particular focus on the Year 1 academic induction.

Identifying and developing existing Values education activities used by colleagues across the University, the programme is developing a resource pack to support academic departments embedding Warwick values within the academic learning experience.

Have you have been involved in planning and/or delivering activities involving community values? We'd be delighted to hear from you.


Become an active bystander with our courses

Would you like to learn how to make safe, effective interventions in response to inappropriate behaviour like harassment, hate crime, and domestic violence? Our Active Bystander Intervention project supports students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, effective interventions in a wide variety of scenarios.