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Welcome to the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP)

Our team works with students and staff across the University to co-create and deliver activities and resources that promote a strong values-driven community at Warwick. We are based within the Dean of Students' Office and support the wider team's work on excellent academic and pastoral support as part of a strong learning community.

Our Projects

Be an Active Bystander

Develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make safe, effective interventions in response to inappropriate behaviours (such as harassment and sexual misconduct) through our Be an Active Bystander project.

Say my Name

Explore respectful interactions around names to support a culture of inclusivity within our diverse learning community. The Say my Name project develops practical skills and systems at an individual and institutional level to ensure everyone's names are respected.

Kindness on Campus

Help promote, practice and recognise kindness within our community. You can collect a pack of Kindness Cards, pick up some ideas from the 12 Days of Kindness calendar, and nominate someone for a Kindness on Campus award.

Values-Based Teaching Activities

Those who teach at Warwick can use our toolkit of values-based teaching activities to facilitate opportunities for their students to engage with community values.


Explores the role of men/male-identifying people in addressing gender-based violence, focusing on clubs and societies in its first phase. This project is a collaboration between CVEP, the Students' Union, and the Report and Support team.

Have a suggestion for what we should work on next?

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    "Every one of us plays a part in creating our university culture through the things we do and the things we don’t do - our actions and the actions of others that we silently accept. The Community Values Education Programme (CVEP) empowers students to live respectfully and to challenge safely those that act against Warwick's values and principles to create a safe, inclusive community and a positive experience for all."

    Dr. Jane Bryan (Academic Lead)