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About us

We are the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP). Our team works with students and staff across the University to co-create and deliver activities and resources that promote a strong values-driven community at Warwick. Based within the Dean of Students' Office, we support the focus on excellent academic and pastoral support within a strong learning environment. Read more about the background of the programme and the Warwick Values which underpins all of our work.

We Act - Be an Active Bystander

Develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make safe, effective interventions in response to inappropriate behaviours (such as harassment and sexual misconduct) through our We Act initiative.

Course completers are eligible for two Warwick Award points.

Maskulinities workshop

All male students in sports clubs are invited to explore the role of men in addressing gender-based violence in this 3-part workshop which was co-created by a group of male students.

Addressing microaggressions

This project focuses on the development of a student-facing activities to help recognise and address microaggressions.

Staff in the teaching space

This project aims to create a leadership resource to build confidence, knowledge, and skills to enable those that teach to use Active Bystander principles to address unacceptable behaviour in the teaching space to create a safe, engaged, inclusive learning experience.

CVEP awards

  • 2023 Warwick Gender Equality Team award for the Maskulinities project
  • 2022 Warwick WATE collaborative award
  • 2021 Warwick Gender Task Force Excellence in ED&I award Link opens in a new window