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Information for course participants

Thank you for registering to complete the Active Bystander Intervention course. The course will help you gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to make safe, effective interventions in response to harmful behaviours that are contrary to our shared community values.

Key information

  • Please do not worry about coming alone. We are a small friendly team.
  • Aim to attend all sessions. If you can't attend a session, please contact the Programme Manager, Puja Laporte.
  • Your tutor will send you an email reminder each week the day before your session.
  • You need to add your name to the register each week.
  • Please complete the post-course survey. We take your feedback seriously and it helps us reach more students.

Session dates

Each course runs for 10 hours (two hours a week over 5 week). Each session is at the same time each week.

Sessions start at five minutes past the hour and end at five minutes to the hour (e.g., if the session is advertised for 10-12pm, it will start at 10.05am and end at 11.55am)

All course dates and session dates.


Our team of experienced facilitators are trained to support you on your active bystander journey.

Tutors are available for you to speak to after the session or at an arranged time.

The tutors will set the expectations for the course at the start of each session. No one is expected to share personal information.

More about your tutor.


The course introduces what it means to be an active bystander, how to recognise harmful behaviours, and how we can respond as active bystanders to keep the members of our communities safe. It is very focused on sexual misconduct but also covers how the strategies can be applied to other unacceptable behaviours.

If you are concerned about attending, contact Puja on to discuss in confidence.

Key content of each session.

Warwick Award

Course completers are eligible for two Core Skills Points (CSPs). You need to submit a copy of your course certificate as evidence. Over 250 students from our courses have registered so far.

You will be asked to complete a short reflection about your experience of the course.

Student Fay Inverarity discusses her award. Fay worked as a Student Engagement Officer in our team and completed the Active Bystander course.


You will receive your digital certificate after you complete all the sessions. We are currently developing a digital badge for you to use on your online platforms.

If you have completed the course and haven't received your certificate, please contact

Support services

If you need support or simply to talk about any issues or content in the course, you can reach out to your course tutor and/or explore the University's support services.

Work with us

Many course completers have worked with us on a paid and volunteer basis.

We are currently recruiting for students to help us film a promotional video for the course.

Explore current opportunities.

Previous students have said:

"I am certain that we would have a far more enriched university experience if this course were rolled out to everyone as part of their degree programme/role."

" I liked that the last session was used to cover problem-solving situations. It made it a lot easier to apply knowledge which greatly increased my confidence".

"[Tutor] was so good!".

Previous students have said:

"A really informative course that I thoroughly enjoyed. The tutor for my sessions was so great."

"The group interactions really helped me develop my understanding of topics being discussed and made me appreciative to various differing viewpoints."

"The tutor was incredibly patient, gave us time to discuss without making it awkward, and created a safe space to discuss the topics."