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Information for Course Participants

Thank-you for registering to complete the Active Bystander Intervention course!

Over the course of five 2-hour seminars you will gain knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, effective interventions in response to harmful behaviours that are contrary to our shared community values.

Course tutors

Our team of experienced facilitators are trained to support you on your active bystander journey.

Find out more about your tutor here.

Course locations

All seminars for your course will take place in the same room each week.

Room details for each course can be found here (coming soon).

Course content

The course will introduce you to what it means to be an active bystander, how to recognise harmful behaviours, and how we can respond as active bystanders to keep the members of our communities safe.

Find out more about the content of each seminar here.

Culture of the course

It is important that we create an environment in which you, and all other course participants, feel able to participate fully.

Find out more about the culture of the course here.

Alternative seminar arrangements

The sessions are not recorded, so if you are unable to attend one of your seminars please contact the Programme Manager, Sam Parr, to make alternative arrangements.

Accessing support

The course content may be upsetting for some students at times. If you need support or simply to talk, you can reach out to your course tutor and/or explore the University's support services.

Course completion

You must attend at least four of the five seminars to complete the course. Once completed, you will receive a digital certificate of participation, and (for UG students) the course will appear on your HEAR.

Student feedback

Please complete the pre-course questionnaire prior to starting the course, and the post-course questionnaire once you have completed the course.

We value student feedback at any point, so please share any additional feedback and suggestions with your tutor and/or the Programme Manager, Sam Parr.


Please check our FAQs page if you have further questions.

If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact the Programme Manager, Sam Parr.