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Disability Standard

The Disability Standard is a benchmarking assessment run in the UK by Business Disability Forum.

The ten business areas covered in the Disability Standard are as follows:

  1. Commitment: Promote your commitment to best practice on disability internally and externally.
  2. Know-how: Equip employees so that they are confident interacting with disabled people, knowing what to do and how to do it.
  3. Adjustments: Anticipate the needs of disabled people and have a robust process for making any adjustments that might be needed by individuals.
  4. Recruitment: Attract and recruit disabled people, which gives access to the widest talent pool at every level.
  5. Retention: Value all employees, including those who are disabled or who become disabled, and are committed to their retention and development.
  6. Products and services: Value disabled customers, clients and service users and address their needs when developing and delivering products and services.
  7. Suppliers and Partners: Expect suppliers and corporate partners to reflect and enable you to meet your commitment to disability best practice.
  8. Communication: Communication with disabled people, should be as inclusive as possible and whenever necessary adjustments made for individuals.
  9. Premises: Premises are accessible to people with disabilities and whenever necessary adjustments are made for individuals.
  10. Information and communication technology (ICT): ICT is accessible and usable by disabled people and adjustments made for individuals.