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Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is a way to check that a policy or practice doesn't disadvantage or discriminate against people with protected characteristics.

You can find more information about EIA's using the links below:

If you are looking for information or support on EIAs and can't find what you need here, contact us and let us know.


An introduction to EIAs

The University is proud of its diverse community of staff, students and visitors, and is committed to maintaining its excellent record in teaching and research by ensuring there is equality of opportunity for all. Carrying out a thorough review of the University’s policies and practices is one way we can ensure there is no discrimination, or disadvantage to a particular group, from any of the University’s procedures.

Conducting EIAs helps us to meet our responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty. A number of court cases show the link between meeting the PSED and assessing impact on equality.

The EIA Policy and Procedure further outlines what an EIA is and when they should be carried out. You can find details on how to complete an EIA below.

The video below provides an introduction to EIAs. You can download the video transcript here .


How to complete an EIA

EIAs should be completed using the EIA Portal. You will first need to complete an EIA screening, in order to ascertain whether a full EIA is needed, the video above provides more information on the questions included in an EIA screening and possible outcomes of an EIA.

You can also find step-by-step guidance on how to use the EIA form here.


See completed EIAs

All members of staff can view the EIAs conducted by colleagues at the University on the EIA Portal.

You can also see examples of EIAs in practice, and the difference they have made, here. These examples are from outside of the University.

Example EIAs:

See examples of real life scenarios where EIAs have been carried out here.

You can also see relevant case law on the EHRC website, demonstrating how EIAs help organisations to meet their legal responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty.