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Gender Taskforce

Warwick is committed to inclusivity, fostered in an environment of mutual respect and dignity, and we all play a part in this. The Gender Taskforce was set up to address issues impacting gender imbalance in the academy, to make sure that we can make best use of all the talent available, and that individuals and the University feel the benefit of this.

Gender Taskforce Statement on the Warwick Group Chat incident

Gender Taskforce


In 2017 there was an exciting opportunity for members of staff of all job categories and at all career stages, to self-nominate to serve on the University’s new Gender Taskforce, created to take forward the Gender Statement of Intent which was agreed by the University’s Council in July 2016.


The Gender Taskforce is required to develop a strategy with a five year plan, building on the Gender Statement of Intent and to take a multi-faceted approach to implementation, being mindful of existing initiatives in the University, including Athena SWAN. These actions are being developed in consultation with other members of the University and by scrutinising the data on gender in the academy to ensure transparency in all related matters.

The Gender Taskforce was established in October 2017 and meets twice termly, with its members serving as Departmental Taskforce Champions to act as a communication channel with the wider Warwick community.

Terms of Reference and membership

Membership of the Gender Taskforce consists of 15 core members, and includes various levels of seniority in both academic and professional and support staff.


In its first year of operation, work by the Gender Taskforce included input to the gender pay gap reporting process in March 2018, and detailed recommendations to support revision of the academic promotions process implemented in 2018/19.


If you have an issue that you wish to see raised at Gender Taskforce, or are working on an initiative that might support the goals of the Taskforce, you are encouraged to contact the Chair at J dot F dot Collingwood at warwick dot ac dot uk or the Secretary at C dot Algar at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 12th February 2019.