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Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation is one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. The Act aims to protect people from direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, and victimisation on the basis of sexual orientation. You can read more about the Equality Act here. On these pages you will find:

If you'd like to learn more about sexual orientation and can't find what you need here, contact us and let us know.


Definition of 'Sexual Orientation' in the Equality Act

In the Equality Act, sexual orientation refers to person's attraction towards:

  • People of the same sex.
  • People of the opposite sex.
  • People of either sex.

The definition provided above is that of the Equality Act, but since the creation of the Equality Act terminology on ED&I issues has changed and progressed. Warwick acknowledges that there are many ways that people identify. This is why we use the acronym 'LGBTUA+', meaning Lesbian, Gay, Bi+, Trans, Undefined (for those who are questioning or who choose not to define their sexual orientation, in the latter case some individuals may also use the word queer), Asexual/Aromantic, plus other identities.

You can find more definitions on the Warwick Students' Union LGBTUA+ Terminology webpage.


Sexual Orientation Profile at Warwick

63.8% of staff disclosed their sexual orientation (sector average is 52.1%).

The majority of staff identified as heterosexual (60.4%, sector average is 49%), with 3.3% identifying as LGB+ (sector average is 3.2%), and 36.2% preferring not to disclose their sexual orientation (sector average is 47.9%).

The statistics and infographic above are from our Equality Monitoring Annual Report, which you can find on the Data and Reports webpage.

You can find more data on sexual orientation on the Office for National Statistics website.


Sources of Information and Support

You may also be interested in:

Staff Networks - including LGBTUA+ Networks

Policies - including the Trans and Gender Reassignment Policy

LGBTUA+ Initiatives - including Trans Web Portal, LGBTUA+ Supporters, LGBTUA+ Events Group, and pronoun badges

Taskforces and SIC - including the LGBTUA+ Taskforce

Charters - including Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index (LGBTUA+ equality benchmarking exercise)

Events - including LGBTUA+ History Month and details of the Stonewall 50 celebrations in 2019

External links

You can find more information about sexual orientation and the law from the following sources:

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