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Methods of payment

Flywire - Direct bank transfers, UK and International credit / debit card payments, Alipay and Union Pay

  • The University has selected Flywire, an international money transfer provider, as our exclusive online payment partner, making this our strongly preferred method of payment, making competitive exchange rates for bank transfers, credit and debit cards much easier to access. University of Warwick has no affiliation or link with any other money transfer providers.
  • Students can pay using the following methods within the Flywire portal: Bank transfer in local and international currencies, a variety of debit and credit cards as shown in the above graphic, and alternative payment methods such as Alipay, Union Pay, PayPal and Trustly are enabled for relevant territories. Please note Flywire is not configured to accept American Express for UK payments, but this an option in certain territories.
  • Flywire is accessed securely from within the Student Records System (e:Vision), so that students can log in and select which transactions they wish to pay, and then do so directly. If you are logged in already, just click on the image above.
  • Flywire allows easy and secure payments to be made in your own currency, or other currencies such as US dollars, using local payment methods from the safety and convenience of your home. With real-time tracking and 24x7 multilingual support, millions of students around the world trust Flywire for payment processing.
  • If you feel that the exchange rates offered can be bettered locally, please take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee that Flywire offers on bank transfers. Full details are accessed through the payment process.
  • Flywire is accessed via the Student Records System (e:Vision). You must have enrolled with the University and have setup a email account to be able to pay your fees online. Please select the My Student Finance tab where you can view your account online, and then select the Pay Fees Online to pay your fees.
  • Flywire keep you notified throughout your payment transaction of its progress to the University by either email or text message. Once you have made your payment to Flywire, we expect to receive it in your student account within two or three working days, please allow for this in timing your payments.
  • Please follow this link for detailed instructions and specific local guidance on making Flywire payments from China, India and Nigeria. Flywire is specially adapted to dealt with personal identity requirements of making payments from China and India within its online systems.
  • As this has been introduced, we strongly advise all our international students NOT to bring large amounts of UK or foreign currency cash and notes to the UK to pay for Warwick tuition and accommodation, Flywire provides a strong and credible alternative to safely use your home currency savings to pay for tuition and accommodation online.

Watch this video to see how it works

Direct Debit

A direct debit can be set up with the University to:

  • Pay Accommodation fees on a termly basis.
  • Pay tuition fees by the standard University instalment schedule throughout the academic year.
  • If you opt to pay both tuition and accommodation fees by direct debit, two instructions will be registered with your bank/building society, and the two amounts will be taken from your account separately. Full details of the Direct Debit process can be found on the Paying By Direct Debit page.
  • Direct debits can only be processed from UK bank accounts.

Full details of the Direct Debit process can be found on the Paying by Direct Debit page.

Please note: Direct Debit payment due dates are later than the due dates for all other methods of payment because we are legally obliged to give notice that payments will be deducted from bank accounts.

UK Credit/Debit Cards

Payments by locally issued Credit or Debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, or Maestro cards can be made using the Automated Telephone Payment Line: please phone 0330 088 3627 (or +44 330 088 3627 from outside the UK) to make a direct payment to your account. You will need to quote your University ID number, your date of birth, and how much you are paying.

Within the online Flywire payment portal, you are able to use a wide variety of credit and debit cards tailored to your country of domicile. If you wish to use a card in a currency that is not you home currency, please enter the country of the currency card you are using ( ie for GBP cards enter United Kingdom) and Flywire will then provide options to pay in that currency.

Cash payments and deposits are not accepted

The University does not accept cash payments in any currencies, and will not facilitate deposits of cash by issuing University bank account paying in slips to students. Any such requests will be refused.

Students carrying large amounts of UK or foreign currency notes should make arrangements to pay them into their own UK based bank account at the earliest opportunity. Please do not put your money at risk by dealing with any agents or intermediaries, who may offer seemingly attractive rates of exchange, but cannot be guaranteed to be secure or legitimate.

To avoid any risks of money laundering, no refunds will be made against cash payments previously paid into the University bank account.

For advice on safe card payments see The City of London Police Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU).

View this advice in MandarinLink opens in a new window

Bank Transfers / Wire Payments

We no longer support direct bank transfers from students into the University’s bank account, as we consider the arrangements with Flywire offer greater student flexibility and security, as well as increased efficiency for the University.

Bank transfers can however be made from your local accounts or other currency accounts using the Flywire online portal. These transfers are paid into a local Flywire bank account to reduce costs, and are then transferred by Flywire to the University. The stages of the process are reported to the payor via email or text message, providing increased confidence that the payment is securely on its way to us.

The Flywire bank transfer details, once generated in the portal, can be shared with parents or others making payments on students' behalf.

Bank details will be provided to corporate sponsors via our sponsor invoices.

Invoices and receipts

If you are a current student, you can print your own invoices and payment receipts by logging in to the My Student Finance pages of the Student Records system. If you require an official stamp on your receipt, please visit the Student Services in Senate House.

Restricted Territories List

Please note the University is not able to accept payments remitted from North Korea, nor able to accept payments from Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela or Crimea without prior approval.

As a result of the current conflict in Ukraine, the University is operating in accordance with sanctions imposed on Russia and its banking system, and cannot receive payments from many institutions in that country.

Please contact us (studentcollections at warwick dot ac dot uk) to seek advice if you need to utilise funds based in the above countries to pay your fees.

Further queries

If you have any questions regarding payment of your fees, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and if this does not answer your query, please contact us by emailing

If you would like to discuss your issues verbally, please provide your telephone number and we can arrange to call or meet with you over Microsoft Teams.

If you have recently made a payment, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

If you have not received this confirmation within 10 working days, please email