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Sponsored students

The majority of sponsored students will have the opportunity to provide the details of any sponsorships during the enrolment process. This includes sponsorships for tuition fees from external parties or from University departments.

If you are not able to upload your sponsor details at enrolment

If you are a postgraduate student undertaking a course that is charged on a per module basis you do not have the option to provide your sponsorship details on enrolment. This includes students on certain courses provided by:

  • Warwick Medical School
  • The Centre for Lifelong Learning
  • The Centre for Education Studies
  • The Centre for Teacher Education
  • Part-time MBA students at Warwick Business School

You will be able to provide your sponsorship information once your fee has been generated onto your student account.

When your fee has been generated on your account you will receive an e-mail link that takes you to the sponsorship option in the Fees and Charges section of your Student Records Online. You can then enter your sponsorship details and provide supporting documentation.

What you need to provide to confirm your sponsorship

It is your responsibility to provide the University with the correct sponsorship details to ensure your fees are paid.

The University will only accept evidence of your sponsorship on letter headed paper, confirming:

  • the full details of your sponsorship
  • a contact name and email address
  • a postal address for invoices
  • a reference number from your sponsor - such as a purchase order number or internal reference

Please upload a PDF copy of the sponsorship offer letter - and any other relevant documents - when prompted.

If you were not able to enter your sponsorship details and/or upload your supporting documentation during the enrolment period, then you can still provide sponsorship details and documentation in the Fees and Charges section of the Student Records (eVision) system. Once you have done completed this the sponsorship verification process will proceed as outlined below.

What happens once you have loaded your sponsorship details

The Student Fees Team checks and verifies the sponsorship details submitted - including the documentation - before your sponsor is approved for invoicing. Once these checks are complete, your liability for tuition fees will be transferred to your sponsor - in full or in part - depending on the sponsorship offer.

If the Student Fees Team have any queries regarding your sponsorship offer, details or documentation then they will get in touch with you by email.

If you do not provide sponsorship information in the correct format, the university will NOT update your student record and will continue to hold you personally liable for your tuition fees. 

When will my sponsor receive an invoice?

Once the checks have been completed then an invoice will be sent directly to your sponsor and you will be notified by email. At certain times of the year - such as the start of the academic year - it may take a little longer to complete the verification process.

Payments from sponsors

Sponsors will be invoiced for the full sponsorship amount and are not provided with the option to pay by instalments. Your sponsor will have 30 days to pay the invoice.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your sponsor pays your fees by the correct date. You can check your sponsor account through the My Student Finance section of the Student Records (eVision) system.

If your sponsor fails to pay your fees within 30 days of receipt of the invoice then the fees will automatically be transferred to your student account and you will be held liable for the payment in full.

The University will contact you if there are any problems recovering money from your sponsor.

Please note: The University cannot sign up to any individual supplier system or accept third party terms and conditions in order to facilitate a payment from a sponsor.

What happens if you are paying some fees yourself

If you are paying part of your fees yourself - then you have two options for the portion of the fees you are due to pay:

  1. payment in full; or
  2. payment in instalments.

Your fee liabilities are shown in the Fees and Charges section of the Student Records (eVision) system. You will also find payment links here.

Frequently asked questions

There is a helpful list of frequently asked student finance questions.

Please check the Sponsorship, Bursaries and Scholarships section before emailing the Student Fees Team with your sponsorship query at Please include your student number in the title of your e-mail.