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When to pay

Tuition and Accommodation Fees

Tuition fees are payable in full by the 1st day of the academic year or the 1st day of your course (whichever is later) and accommodation fees are due at the start of each term. Please see the University Term Dates.

All students have the choice to either pay all of their tuition fees for the whole academic year at the start of their course or pay in instalments1. The standard payment schedule is as follows:

  • 50% of tuition fees due by the first day of term 1 (for Academic Year 2023-24 Monday 2nd October 2023)
  • 25% of tuition fees due by the first day of term 2 (for Academic Year 2023-24 Monday 8th January 2024)
  • 25% of tuition fees due by the first day of term 3 (for Academic Year 2023-24 Monday 22nd April 2024)

1 Students on modular-based courses in WMS, Careers, CES, CLL, CTE and on distance learning courses in WBS are required to pay for each module within 21 days of the invoice being applied to their account.

If you are undertaking a distance learning course at WBS, or are doing a PGCEi course, and your course starts on a month which doesn't follow the standard academic year then the instalment dates can be found here.

For the exact payment due date each term, you can check your payment due dates by logging into your Student Finance account on the Student Records System.

Accommodation Fees are payable in advance termly on the first day of each term.

Please Note: If you chose to pay your tuition fees and/or accommodation fees by Direct Debit the payment will be collected slightly later than the first day of term. Further information about Direct Debits, including the exact collection dates, can be found on our Direct Debit page.

For how to pay fees to the University, please see the Methods of Payment page.

Other Miscellaneous Charges

Other Miscellaneous Charges such as re-sit fees, library charges, accommodation fines or disciplinary fines can be levied on your account at any point in the academic year. Once the charge has been added to your account you will be expected to pay that charge within 21 days.

Please Note: Miscellaneous charges cannot be collected by Direct Debit and should be paid by an alternative method of payment. For details, see the Methods of Payment page.