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Warwick Food Group

Warwick Food Group

Our story

Warwick Food Group is a community of passionate people leading a collection of planet-friendly and food-centric campus services at the University of Warwick.

Our ambition is to break the mould of institutional catering in the higher education sector by offering exciting, vibrant and inclusive dining and shopping options.

Championing food for mind, community and planet

Our mission is simple: Mindful food for thriving minds.

Providing fresh, seasonal, and good quality food and drink, that nourishes, comforts and inspires mind and body. We help all our customers be the best they can be, achieving more for themselves, their families and communities.

Our manifesto

Food equality

Improve access to good, honest food for everyone, no matter their budget.

Food for nature

Progress towards a plant-based offer using ingredients grown with nature in mind.

Food empowerment

Help people to make better food choices and develop kitchen skills for life.

Lighten our footprint

Reduce single-use plastics and our operations' carbon footprint, contributing to the University's net zero plan.

Support producers

Champion provenance and responsible producers within our region and on campus.

Create a movement

Develop a community centred around great food, WFG's vision and its mission.

Improve nutrition

Champion seasonal produce and dramatically reduce the use of ultra-processed foods in our kitchens.

Vibrant experiences

Create zoned environments with both buzz and respite, where people can thrive, whoever they are.

Choice and variety

Great quality and plenty of choice for all tastes and budgets.

Along with excellent customer service, that's what we aim to deliver all the time.

We also work to support healthy living with freshly-made produce and nutritious ingredients.

Places to eat & drink

Staff wellbeing

Happy staff means a happy service, which means a happy you.

All our staff are paid the living wage and trained to the highest standards, with ongoing health, safety and hygiene training.

Baristas are Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) trained and our catering team are trained in allergen awareness, dietary requirements and food safety.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Making a positive difference to the environment.

It's an important part of all the decisions we make. From the suppliers we use to reducing our waste output, we take our environmental responsibility seriously.