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Food vouchers for internal departments

Food & Drink vouchers

Warwick Food Group have re-introduced the food voucher scheme. The scheme allows departments to create their own food and drink vouchers to spend in any of the University of Warwick managed coffee shops or Rootes Grocery Store, and the vouchers will be charged back to a costcode.

How does the scheme work?

  • The new system allows departments to create two types of single use vouchers.
  • Email and paper vouchers, which can be created at Creator level, will have a maximum value of £50 per voucher, and can be ordered in quantities up to the maximum amount permitted on the cost code as determined by their Approver/Account Manager. The vouchers will need to be presented at the till for the unique QR code to be scanned and redeemed on the system (note for email vouchers, these can be scanned from a phone, a printed copy is not required).
    • These vouchers are intended to be used 1 at a time, not by combining several to cover a larger order. If you are placing a large order, please use the Order vouchers instead (details below)
  • Vouchers that are emailed directly to your @warwick email address can now be accessed via your staff card. The outlets have card readers at the till point; just hold your card against the reader, confirm to the staff member which voucher you are using, and it will be redeemed in exactly the same way.
  • Order vouchers, which can be created at Account Manager level, will have a maximum value of £500 (or up to the maximum permitted by the Approver, whichever is smaller) and are designed to replace the current cross charging system. Once created, this voucher will be emailed directly to the outlet you are purchasing from as well as to the person who created the voucher. This can then be emailed to the person who will be "paying" for the order and can be matched up with the voucher the outlet received.

Departments will only be charged for the amount redeemed against each voucher; the redeemer can pay any extra themselves if the total goes over the voucher amount.

How do I create vouchers?

Each department has already been set up on the system with their Approvers. These are people who have been given delegated authority by the head of department for authorisation of non SAP purchase orders (FP15a) and coding slips (FP15c). If you believe you should have access and don’t, please contact .

Approvers will first need to set up at least one cost code to use with the system. Once that cost code has been approved, they can then setup other users at Account Manager or below permission level, and associated maximum spends, which can be different per cost code. The system is designed to work the way you want it to work in your department. If you wish to delegate permissions to administration teams, you can do that. If you want to keep it controlled within your Finance department, you can do that. Anything a lower permission level can do can also be done by a higher permission level, you do not need to use all the permissions levels if that doesn’t work for your department. In order to give departments time to get started with the system, the current cross charging system will still be in effect, but will end on Friday 24 March 2023.

Where can I use the vouchers?

Outlets the vouchers can be used in are Rootes Grocery Store, Café Gibbet Hill, Fusions Sport Bar, Café Oculus, Café Library, Café Social, WBS Café, NAIC Café, Red Rocket, spud, and University House Café.

Vouchers and cost codes cannot be used in Pret, Caffe Nero, Benugo or Aroma.

Who do I contact if I have a query or wish to leave feedback?

If you have any questions after reading the user guides and require additional guidance or would like to provide any feedback on the system, please contact .

Main benefits

  • Allows departments to control who has access to create vouchers and on what cost codes, up to prescribed limits with different roles and approvals built into the system.
  • Checks will be done by the system to ensure a voucher is valid for spend at that outlet, it’s within its validity period, and cannot be redeemed over its maximum amount.
  • Live tracking system – all vouchers will be single use, once redeemed at an outlet, it cannot be used anywhere else, even if photocopied or distributed, allowing departments to budget spend accurately for events.
  • As previously, departments will only be charged for vouchers that are redeemed and only the value it was redeemed at.
  • Enables departments to create vouchers as the need arises, without having to go to Warwick Retail to obtain vouchers (within university terms and conditions for department spend) and specify which outlets the voucher can be redeemed in.
  • Everything from voucher creation to spend will have a fully visible audit trail with the ability to run reports whenever you wish. Please note; the reporting feature will be added at a later date, if there is a specific set of data you would like to run reports on, please let us know at .

Who do I contact if I have a query?

If you have any further questions or queries email

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