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Lifestyle, nutrition & budget choices

We have a wide range of food, drink and retail offers across our outlets to cater for all lifestyle, nutrition and budget choices. There are also plenty of healthier options for people who want to be careful about what they are eating.


  • Free tap water in all cafes
  • From January we will only be offering small and medium sized hot drinks as very few customers now buy a large drink. By not ordering large cups we are also reducing our waste. If you would like a large drink you are welcome to bring a clean travel mug and we will happily prepare a drink for you
  • A range of healthier snacks in all cafes such as skinny popcorn, "Naked" bars, seed, nut and fruit bags
  • Introduction of more vegan and vegetarian products to be introduced in cafes and restaurants throughout 2017
  • Fresh fruit, sushi and salad boxes
  • Protein pots (egg, spinach, tuna)
  • “Value” sandwiches at £1.80
  • “Perkier” porridge pots
  • Fresh juices
  • Made to order smoothies - only available in Cafe Library


Le Gusta

  • Superfood salads including Bulgar Wheat, Artichoke, Feta and Pumpkin Seed, Harissa Vegetable and Puy Lentil - see the full menu


  • Famed for its Asian inspired dishes, Fusion might surprise you with its "superfood" salads - why not try the Chicken and Avocado or Homous and Khobez see the full menu

University House restaurant

Start your day with a gorgeous healthy breakfast - only available at this outlet:

Crushed avocado and tomato on soda bread | Crushed avocado and smoked salmon on soda bread | Crushed avocado, poached egg and chilli on soda bread
Bacon and poached eggs on sourdough toast | Fresh fruit salad

rootes grocery store

  • Throughout January, offers on Weight Watchers, Actimel and water products
  • Range of “basic” sandwiches at £1.30
  • Weekly offers on hundreds of products