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1.7 The Council and its Committees

The Council

Membership 2017-2018

Ex Officio Members


The Pro-Chancellor(s)

Chair: Sir David Normington (2022)
Vice-Chair: Ms Viki Cooke (2019)

The Vice-Chancellor

Professor Stuart Croft

The Treasurer

Mr Keith Bedell-Pearce (2020)

The Provost

Professor Christine Ennew

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors



Appointed members


Up to four academic members of the Senate, appointed by the Senate:

One member of the non-academic staff of the University appointed by the Senate:

Ms Andrea Pulford (2019)


Independent Members


Such other persons not being members of the academic staff or salaried officers or students of the University and not exceeding twelve in all, as may be appointed by the Council:



Student Members


The President of the Union of Students

Ms Hope Worsdale (2018)

One student elected by the Union of Students

Mr Michael Kynaston (2018)


(The year after a member's name indicates that their term of office expires on 31 July of that year).

Council Committees