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Recent Changes to the University Calendar

Update to the Scheme of Delegation

Section 4.10 was updated in relation to delegations in place for award approvals. Section 5.7 was updated to reflect the changes to the terms of reference of the Financial Plan Sub-Committee, approved by the Finance and General Purposes Committee in November 2019.

Mon 16 Dec 2019, 11:12 | Tags: Other Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation

On 9 October 2019, the Council approved the introduction of a Scheme of Delegation, outlining responsibilities and delegated authorities for making key decisions in the name of, or on behalf of, the University of Warwick.

Thu 14 Nov 2019, 10:03 | Tags: Ordinances Other Regulations Statutes

Revisions to Ordinances 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10

On 9 October 2019, the Council approved amendments to the following University Ordinances, with changes taking immediate effect.

  • Ordinance 4.1 (Nominations Committee)

Rationale: Changes to membership and election process for the Professional Services Staff (PSS) approved by Council in May and July 2019.

  • Ordinance 4.2 (Appointed Members of Council)

Rationale: Updating of Senate and student membership election / appointment processes.

  • Ordinance 5 (The Senate)

Rationale: Appointment of student members to the Senate following consultation with the Students Union.

  • Ordinance 5.1 (Powers of the Senate)

Rationale: Following consultation with the Academic Registrar and Director of Education Policy and Quality, deletion of Section 30 as provision is provided elsewhere in Ordinance 3, Regulation 23 and 27.

  • Ordinance 7.1 (The Faculty Boards)

Rationale: Clarification of academic staff eligible to be nominated as Faculty Chair. Insertion of the newly formed School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures.

  • Ordinance 7.2 (Departments)

Rationale: Updated to include the Dean of Warwick Business School.

  • Ordinance 9 (Honorary Graduands)

Rationale: Updated to reference responsibility for the award and revocation of honorary degrees.

  • Ordinance 10 (The Student Union)

Rationale: Updated in line with changes to Ordinance 4.2 and 5.6.



Thu 10 Oct 2019, 11:00 | Tags: Ordinances

Revisions to Regulations 4, 5

On 9 October 2019, the Council approved amendments to the following University Regulations, with changes taking effect from 30 October 2019:

    • Regulation 4 (Annual Review by the Academic Staff Committee)

Rationale: Revisions to this regulation update terminology, removing references to PCAPP and replacing these with Academic and Professional Pathway for Teaching Excellence (APPTE) and removing references to gendered language.

  • Regulation 5 (Grant of Study Leave, Leave of Absence, and Leave to accept a Research Award)

Rationale: Minor amendments in line with streamlining activity taking place in the University with regards to other regulations.

    Thu 10 Oct 2019, 10:00 | Tags: Regulations

    Establishment of Regulation 45

    On 10 July 2019, the Council approved the establishment of Regulation 45, Governing Payment of Annual Fees, Residential Charges and Other Debts, taking immediate effect.

    Rationale: The regulation is based on the previous Ordinance 16, the Regulation now reflects an updated process that improves the efficiency of decision making and means that swifter support action can be identified to enable students to clear their debts in a timely manner. Delegated authority has been changed from Council to Finance and General Purposes Committee.

    Wed 10 Jul 2019, 17:00 | Tags: Regulations

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