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Information for Committee Chairs and Members

This information is intended for Chairs and members of University committees had has been produced to assist them in ensuring that the business of their Committee is handled effectively. It is by no means exhaustive but aims to provide a source of information that can be referred to throughout the year. If you require further information please contact the governance team who will be pleased to help.

1. Basic Information

1.1 Committee Membership

1.2 Terms of Reference

1.3 Meeting Dates

2. Before the Meeting

2.1 Finalising the Agenda

2.2 Distribution of Papers

2.3 Late / Tabled Papers

3. During the Meeting

3.1 Declarations of Interest

3.2 Running the Meeting

3.3 Quoracy

3.4 Characteristics of a Good Chair

4. Between Meetings

4.1 Minutes

4.2 Chair's Action

4.3 Other duties of a Committee Chair

5. Other Information

5.1 Common decisions and where they are made

Institutional Information
The University's Governance Structure